Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently! Been settling into my new job and getting used to the 9 – 5 lifestyle …so not much action in the kitchen. But i promise I’ll be back with more posts once I’m more settled in!

Anyway, am excited to share about an upcoming event  – a VEGAN XMAS PARTY! Will be hosting it together with fellow vegans Yi Shuai and Ting Ting so do join us!

Just a little background about how I came to know Ting Ting and Yi Shuai –  When I first started being vegetarian, i didn’t know any one in my social circle who had the same eating habits as I did. It was a little lonely and awkward at times …especially during large social gatherings! I was really blessed to come across Yi Shuai’s instagram account a year ago and I remembered thinking to myself “OMG,another Singaporean!” . Through Yi Shuai , I got introduced to Ting Ting and so many more people who share similar passions and beliefs as I did. This journey has definitely gotten more enjoyable and supportive through such new found friends=)


Whether your vegan, vegetarian, trying to eat clean or simply someone who wants to know more about this lifestyle, you’re all welcomed to join! Its a great way to meet new people and try a spread of vegan food. Especially some of your who have been following my blog for a while, it’ll be nice to meet in person =)

So sign up at this link or drop either of us a text/comment and we’ll see you there!

> Ps/ Its a pot luck , so bring something enough of 5 – 6 people to share. And yes, it has to be vegan =P

> PPs/ We’ll be having a small gift exchange, so just bring along a small gift. Doesn’t need to be expensive please!



9 thoughts on “Upcoming VEGAN XMAS PARTY!

  1. SO sad! I will be out of town!! :(( I would love to attend this party so much with my boy, he will thrilled to know all you guys and with the fabulous food too. How is the response? Wanna change the date to last wkend of 2013 hee hee

  2. Hi Sheryl, I will be joining the potluck 🙂 I am a vegetarian from Singapore. and recently did an interview with Luke Otter (also known as Hungry Ang Mo) and Ashley Chow (also known as Vegan Ash) on “What it is like to be vegan in Singapore”. I blog at vegeasian(dot)com

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