Vegan Bean & Sweet Potato Chilli and Sweet Potato Hummus




Whether you’re taking this time to feast, party, spend time with loved ones or simply to rest…I hope you’re enjoying yourselves this holiday season!  =)vegan potluck

Wanted to share a little about the recent Xmas Vegan Potluck we had (see previous post). Was great catching up with old friends and meeting new friends…also got to meet 2 readers (waves to Gigi and Angela!). Didn’t manage to take much pictures because it was SO HOT, but we had quite the spread!


I contributed 2 dishes – Vegan Bean & Sweet Potato Chilli and Sweet Potato Hummus. I love making my own food, but I admit it does get a little bit intimidating cooking for a large group of people because you don’t know if it caters to their taste. But luckily, both dishes were very well received and I had a few people asking me to post the recipe…so (whew!) and I’m more than happy to share!

chilli and hummus


I can’t claim to have written this recipe. Got it off this link but changed a few measurements along the way. Also made it less spicy!

What you’ll need

  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • 2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 can kidney beans
  • 1 can organic diced tomatoes
  • 3/4 cup vegetable broth
  • 1 tsp chili powder (please add more if you want it spicer)
  • 1 1/2 tsp cumin
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne (please add more if you want it spicer)
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 4 pcs bay leaves

Here’s how

  • Chop and cube sweet potatoes, carrots and bell pepper.
  • Sautee onions and garlic in olive oil for a minute or two, then add sweet potatoes, carrots and bell pepper until onions are soft, about 5-6 minutes.
  • In a separate pot, add remaining ingredients and bring to a low boil. Add the sautéed vegetables and bring to heat to medium low.
  • Simmer, partially covered and stirring occasionally, for 20-25 minutes, until flavors have mingled and vegetables are cooked. Taste and add more spices if you want more heat.


This hummus is quite thick and can be a little dry. But its very close to the texture of traditional hummus. If its too thick for you, feel free to add more olive oil or save a little of the chickpea liquid to add in.

What you’ll need

    • 2 sweet potatoes
    • 5 – 6 tbs olive oil
    • 1 can unsalted chickpeas
    • 3 tbs tahini
    • 3 cloves garlic
    • Juice of 1 ½ lemons
    • 1 tsp paparika
    • ½ tsp cumin
    • ½ – 1 tsp salt

Here’s How

    • Preheat oven to 180 degreees. Using a fork, poke some “holes” in the sweet potatoes so that they bake faster. Leave them in the oven for an hour till
    • Process all ingredients!
    • Add more olive oil and paparika when you serve…enjoy!


Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently! Been settling into my new job and getting used to the 9 – 5 lifestyle …so not much action in the kitchen. But i promise I’ll be back with more posts once I’m more settled in!

Anyway, am excited to share about an upcoming event  – a VEGAN XMAS PARTY! Will be hosting it together with fellow vegans Yi Shuai and Ting Ting so do join us!

Just a little background about how I came to know Ting Ting and Yi Shuai –  When I first started being vegetarian, i didn’t know any one in my social circle who had the same eating habits as I did. It was a little lonely and awkward at times …especially during large social gatherings! I was really blessed to come across Yi Shuai’s instagram account a year ago and I remembered thinking to myself “OMG,another Singaporean!” . Through Yi Shuai , I got introduced to Ting Ting and so many more people who share similar passions and beliefs as I did. This journey has definitely gotten more enjoyable and supportive through such new found friends=)


Whether your vegan, vegetarian, trying to eat clean or simply someone who wants to know more about this lifestyle, you’re all welcomed to join! Its a great way to meet new people and try a spread of vegan food. Especially some of your who have been following my blog for a while, it’ll be nice to meet in person =)

So sign up at this link or drop either of us a text/comment and we’ll see you there!

> Ps/ Its a pot luck , so bring something enough of 5 – 6 people to share. And yes, it has to be vegan =P

> PPs/ We’ll be having a small gift exchange, so just bring along a small gift. Doesn’t need to be expensive please!


Pita Pan

Hi All,

pita pan

I’m so excited to share about my recent dining experience at the casual vegetarian restaurant Pita Pan. Pita Pan (how cute is the name?!) has been around for a while but only recently opened a new outlet at the very convenient Marina Square.  After reading so many raving reviews about Pita Pan from fellow bloggers and instagrammers, I finally made some time to pay it a visit. And boy am I glad I did! I really love Mediterranean food and Pita Pan didn’t disappoint!

pita pan

Just a little intro about Pita Pan which I lifted off their website:

“Pita Pan is a casual vegetarian dining experience, not fast food. Our Mediterranean inspired, vegetarian dishes are made to order, using the freshest ingredients, right in front of your eyes! We serve the most delicious homemade Pita Breads, Falafels, Middle Eastern Salads and many other unique Mediterranean dishes. The food is 100% vegetarian and most of the menu items are dairy-free.

pita pan

I decided to go for the pocket sandwiches made using their homemade Pita bread since it was the recommended item on the menu.  You start off by choosing your main ingredient –  either crispy Chickpea n or Veggie Shawarma (soy based mock meat)- followed by adding different toppings and sauces as much as your pocket can hold!20131130_191223

Naturally, I chose the Chickpea Falafels! Here’s my yummeh pocket pita – filled with Garlic Tahini, Hummus, corn, salsa, red cabbage, eggplant, onions, and carrots. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! The Falafels were tasty and crispy while the toppings and sauces complimented it so well. Right now I’m actually feeling hungry as I’m typing this post =XIMG_20131130_191558IMG_20131130_192040

My Bf had the Veggie Shawarma – which he preferred probably because it tasted like meat. I’m not a huge fan of mock meat but I guess the shawarma is a good option for hardcore carnivores. You can also choose to make your pita pocket a meal – comes with fries and a drink. If i had one criticism it would be – don’t order the Ice tea. It was pure syrup and very little water.IMG_20131130_192311

Being a typical kaypo Singaporean, I also scanned the restaurant to check out what everyone else was having and ended up ordering a Shakshuka to share. A Shakshuka is basically a dish of eggs poached in sauces and vegetables and served in a sizzling hot pan. We ordered the Green Shashuka which had baby spinach, basil, spring onions and paparika…but we omitted the eggs and Halloumi. Bf thought it was OKAY and felt it could be more flavourful …and I guess that’s why the original dish had cheese and eggs to balance out the flavours. I on the other hand quite liked it!  Sorry I couldn’t snap a picture of this because eating the pocket sandwich got really messy and I didn’t want to dirty my camera haha. You can check out how it looks from thier website here

After I posted a picture of my pita pocket on Instagram, a friend commented that the food at Pita Pan was quite expensive. While there are cheaper vegan options around, I personally find that the price point is decent for the quality of food you get. And it’s very filling too since you’re loading up on carbs and protein!

I have many fav vegan places to eat at but I always end up at the same one or two places like Real Foods because it’s convenient and centrally located….but now, I have a new option and you’re gonna see me there often. Very often!

So head down to Pita Pan if you haven’t already done so and show them some love ❤

Marina Square Shopping Mall #02-183A
Operating Hours Sun – Thu 11am to 11pm Fri and Sat 11am to 12midnight
Phone: +65 6337 2587

World Vegan Day Celebration

Hi All,

Friday (1 Nov) was World Vegan Day and I attended a Vegan Potluck party organised by the very sweet Sonal!

neopolean cake

It was my first time attending a vegan potluck and I was really excited. Got to catch up with fellow instagrammers and made new found friends! Really interesting getting to know everyone , hearing their personal stories and going “OMG, you too?”. Nice to be part of the majority for once.  One thing was pretty obvious : We may have different reasons for going vegan or vegetarian (health/animal rights/religion/environmental) but whatever they may be, we’re all working (or rather , un-eating our way) towards a common good.

Everyone contributed a dish for the potluck and the food was nothing short of DEEEELISHHCIOUS! Was so impressed by the dishes and effort put into all the dishes…we have some seriously talented home cooks amongst us!  I ate ate and ATE… don’t waste right?


(Above: From top left, Clockwise: Raw Truffles, Vegan Blueberry Muffins, Crackers with Mushroom Pate, Biscuits)

tile 3

(Above: From top left, Clockwise: Vegan Pumpkin and Lentil Stew, Puff Pastry, Vegan Lasagne -to DIE FOR- , Guacamole)

tile 2

(Above: From top left, Clockwise: Raw Blueberry and Banana Cheesecake, Vegan Banofee Pies, Vegan Oatmeal and Chocolate Cookies, Raw Chocolate Cake )

tile 4

(Above: From top left, Clockwise: Veggies with Raw Dip, Sauteed Mixed Vegetables, Raw Zuchinni Lasagne, Nann Bread)

tile 5

(Above: From left:  Olive Fried Rice, Raw Vegetable Sushi)

Oh and this was my contribution to the vegan potluck : Raw Neopolitan Cake – three different layers of chocolate, strawberry/cranberry, coconut vanilla


Beisdes good food and chatter, we also played games! Sonal cleverly came up with this game called “Social Veg-working” – where groups were made to answer questions and perform tasks related to the topic of Being Vegan on different social media platforms.

Ahimsa Kart wvd6 wvd5 wvd4 wvd3

Pics of everyone!


And pics of fellow instagrammers=)


Sucha great night and I’m already looking forward to the next potluck!

Many thanks to Jing Zhi for being the photographer for the night and for these awesome shots! You can check out his blog here. Lotsa good foodie reviews!

ps, Nov is world vegan month so……Happy World Vegan Month ALL!!

September – Product Round Up

September has been a truly awesome month! It’s my birthday month and I’ve been so blessed to receive so many gifts from family and friends. And since most of my gifts are related to food and equipment for my raw food lifestyle, I’d say my loved ones know me very well! 😀

My lovely poly friends got me a huge box of goodies and some food products from iherb! I have shamelessly gone to dug up the prices (prices in SGD* but may fluctuate depending on exchange rate):

Kelp Noodles


I’ve heard so much about kelp noodles and its staple in many other raw foodist’s diets and have been very keen to try this. I very un-subtlety hinted to my friends that I wanted this haha! Kelp noodles are made out of kelp (a sea vegetable) into the form of an easy to eat noodle. Kelp noodles are fat-free, gluten-free, low in carbs and calories. One packet contains 3 servings…and each serving is only 6 calories! You can eat this 100% raw too.

When I first removed it from the packet and tried it, I really hated it. It was chewy and had this strange bitter taste and I was so disappointed. So I decided to add it to my salad and mix in a walnut-miso sauce. I allowed it to marinate for around 1 hr and was surprised to see that the texture of the noodles had softened. Taste why, thank heavens, there was no more bitter taste as it absorbed the flavour from the vegetables and sauce. I kept half the bowl over night and the next day, the noodles were even softer and tastier. Woohoo, so excited to use this is many more recipes to come…best of all, it tastes like glass noodles which is one of my favs!

Price: $5
Where Price: to buy : See here.

Go Raw! Chocolate Super Cookies

super cookies

To be honest, when I first opened this packet, the bite size “cookies” reminded me a similar dog treat that I bought for oreo haha! I actually quite like this but beware it has a very strong coconut taste so if you’re not a fan of coconut you should avoid this. I think a MAHJOORRR plus point is the price! The Go RAW! Products are really expensive in Singapore…and I’ve seen this being sold for around $9.90 at one of the leading organic food stores.

Price: $5.40
Where to buy : See here.

Go Raw! Live Granola Bars (10 bars)


These granola bars are made with organic sprouted grains and seeds and I love that it’s not very sweet. Also love that it’s nut-free! But my family preferred the super cookies to this because they thought it tasted too healthy. The bar is rather flat, and I can probably finish it within 5 mouthfuls so it’s an ideal snack if you’re looking for something light and healthy to munch on. Definitely beats the conventional sugar filled bars they sell outside. Oh and each bar is only 70 calories woohoo.  I’ve been munching on these after yoga class for the past week !

Price : $13.38 for a box of 10 bars
Where to buy:  See here.

Artisana Cacao Bliss Raw Chocolate Coconut Butter


What can I say. Chocolate + Coconut butter? Matchmade in heaven! I’m a huge fan of the Artisana range but its deliriously expensive in our local stores (almost twice as ex)…so glad its available online. I like to add a TBS of the cacao coconut butter to my “raw” banana ice cream. Sometimes I also add in lucuma powder, almond butter etc …tastes great!

Price : $11.20
Where to buy : See here.

21st Century Health Care Sentry, Multivitamin & Multimineral Supplements


Multi vitamins – important for vegans because we might not get sufficient vitamins like B12 and D.

Price : $12.05 for 300 tablets
Where to buy : See here.

Mason Jars with Lids (pk-6)

20131001_230428 20131001_230446

My siblings got me a very sensible present – mason jars! I think I hog too many of the containers and jars at home haha. Love the size because its not too big and fits just nice in the lower end compartment of my fridge. I’ve been using this to store all my food stuff like sauces, nut butters, soaked seeds etc. I previously mentioned to my sister that the mason jar lids seem to rust easily (does this happen to any of you too?). Not sure if its because of the humidity in Singapore or? But anyway, she got me a set of 12 lids too! So do head to Howards Storage World if you’re looking for Mason Jars in Singapore because the prices are so reasonable.

Price:  JARS : $21.95 – $24.95 (depending on size)

            LIDS :  $8.95 (w/o ring) $9.95 (with ring)
Where to buy : Howards Storage World

Oh and my dear siblings made  me a pineapple raw fruit boat as a cake substitute. How clever! On my birthday night, we had a fruit feast….and no fruit feast is ever complete without DURIAN! First time trying the Butter Pahang durian and it is……………….FREAKINGDELICUOUS!

IMG-20130906-WA0020 IMG-20130906-WA0000

Paderno Spiralizer


Ahh another new toy for my kitchen collection. I’ve been making lots of entrees of spiralized zucchini/beetroot/carrot noodles lately (so sorry deserts!) because its so much fun. This spiralizer works like a breeze and it can also make different shapes.

Here are some of the dishes I took pics of: The first is carrot & beet root noodles with pumpkin seed dressing/ the second is a very delicious creamy avocado + hemp zuchinni pasta. raw carrot and beetroot noodles with pumpkin seed dressing

avocado and hemp creamy zuchinni pasta

Price: Around $50 plus (including shipping )
Where to buy : Amazon

Sedona Raw Food Dehydrator.


Last but not least, here’s my birthday pressie to myself! Happy 27th birthday me! It has been such an amazing year…I’ve taken many leaps of faith, travelled, met so many new people and encountered difficult and challenging circumstances that have made me stronger and more humble. Kinda at the crossroads now, but I trust that God will lead me through this=)

Okay, enough of my self reflection. Currently I have an ezi dri snack dehydrator – though it works fine, its well, for snacks. I wanted something more professional and to suit my raw foods lifestyle. Did some research and narrowed down my choices to the Sedona brand and Excalibur Dehydrator. Will talk about the Sedona Dehydrator in a  separate post because there’s too much to write. But for now, I must say that I LOVEEEEE it! Have been putting it to good use almost every day! Plus it looks so sleek and sexyyy =)

Price : $699 (excluding mesh trays and sheets)
Where to find : Tott store

Till the next product update…meanwhile, I hope that you have an amazing last quarter of 2013!

My 5 Day Juice Fast with Beauty Cleanse



Early last month, I was thrilled when Beauty Cleanse approached me to sponsor a juice fast.  Beauty Cleanse offers nutritionist designed juice cleanse programs which are 100% raw, vegan and organic!

The offer couldn’t have come at a better timing because I just came back from feasting like a king in London and was already planning to detox for a bit!

So here’s how my Juice Cleanse went!

Before the cleanse –

Like every other type of fast, its important not to dive right into it and give your body the shock of its life. 3 days before I started the cleanse, I prepared my body by consuming lots of raw fruits and vegetables.  If you’re fasting for the first time, I would strongly advice pre-planning your week and clearing your schedule so that you can have lots of rest during this detoxification.

Then for the fun part- I had to choose the type of cleanse plan I wanted, how long I wanted to fast for and whether or not I wanted supplements.

Beauty Cleanse has 3 different types of cleanse plans to target different needs.

–          The Skinny Genes plan (to lose weight and boost your metabolism)

–          The Beauty Boost plan (achieve a radiant complexion and high energy levels)

–          The Bride – Me – Up plan (to obtain that bridal bliss and glow on your big day!)

skinny genes

I choose to go for the Skinny Genes plan for 5 days with supplements to further support the cleansing process.  Read more about the supplements here.

Beauty Cleanse also sent me a Pre-Fast guideline and a Daily Routine Summary as a reference to how and when I should take my supplements and juices throughout the day.



The night before my juice cleanse, the Beauty Cleanse team delivered juices for the first 3 days of my fast to my home.  I was actually quite excited when I saw all the colourful bottles because it looked so pretty!

Here’s a journal log I kept during my 5 day fast.

………………………………………………….~ ~…………………………………………………

DAY 1  Really excited to kick start this detox and well, get back those skinny genes!  The juices come with a  handy size Juice Cleanse booklet which basically guides you through your fast, contains tips on how to get through the day.


So I followed the steps and started off my morning with a glass of warm lemon juice and my supplements. During my previous fasts, I had constipation because I wasn’t consuming any fibre, so this time I opted for the colosan powder to help eliminate waste and cleanse my colons thoroughly. Note* It’s important to start off your fast with a clean colon so that your body can absorb the nutrients much better.


(Above : Spirulina, Flax seed oil, Liver supplemets and Acai berry supplements)

I stirred in 1 TBS of colosan powder with my morning juice and was expecting myself to run to the toilet but nothing happened. Oh well maybe I have superman colons :X

The day went pretty smoothly, no cravings or hunger pangs whatsoever. In fact, I was pretty full and couldn’t even finish all 6 bottles for the day. The juices were delightful though! My favourites were definitely the green juices (made using kale!)  and cashew milk YUMYUM. The beetroot juice with red cabbage was probably the hardest for me to drink but I gulped it down with my supplements.


DAY 2 – Woke up feeling pretty much the same as Day 1 but surprisingly not hungry at all. I followed my morning ritual of lemon juice and supplements but this time, I took 2.5 TBS of colosan powder since the 1 TBS didn’t have any effect on me. But do note that this is because I have chronic constipation and sometimes even powerful laxatives don’t work on me!


After around 2- 3 hours, the effect took place. I don’t want to gross you out but well, I eliminated alot of waste throughout the day. I’ve been taking laxatives since I was young, so believe me when I say that this is one of the gentlest, least painful forms of colon cleansing that I’ve undergone.

I felt so LIGHT by evening time so I went for 1hr yoga + a 4Km jog.  And no, I didn’t feel weak or dizzy because I wasn’t consuming food. I felt really….clean!

DAY 3– Since I’m currently not working at the moment, a normal day for me starts at 11am. Sometimes even later haha… but today I miraculously woke up at 730am and wasn’t even tired. Can’t remember the last time I needed that little sleep. Was feeling so energetic I brought Oreo out for a morning walk and went for yoga again at night.


I admit, I was initially sceptical about the juices remaining fresh after 3 days…but I was really surprised that the juices tasted as fresh on the third day as on the first day. I think its because Beauty Cleanse uses the awesome cold-pressed Norwalk juicer that maximises nutrients and enzymes and provides oxidation-free juices (aka, my dream juicer!!!)

Plus the bottles are sealed really tight!


No symptons or whatsoever so far….except the familiar fuzzy feeling on my teeth which is slightly annoying.

One thing  to add, one of the juices was a mix of honey  + cayenne pepper and I found it really spicy! Couldn’t really finish the bottles and had to dilute it with water. When the Beauty Cleanse team contacted me to check up on how I was doing, I mentioned this to them and they added less spice for my next batch. So if you find the juices too “bitter” or “unbearable”, the great thing is that you don’t have to suffer in silence because the team can tailor it to make it more palatable for you.

DAY 4  – Woke up feeling a little more tired today. Was out running errands the whole day today and I brought my juices in the cooler bag that was given to me. To be honest, I was worried about how to colosan powder would affect me outside and whether or not my juices would still be nice and cold.

I had to go the toilet more often than usual , like maybe once every 1.5 hours?  Luckily I was in a shopping mall so it wasn’t inconvenient. My juices were also kept cold in that cooler bag for at least half a day. This cooler bag is so useful and not “obiang” at all. I’m still using it to bring all my raw foods out!


Got a bit more lethargic towards the end of the day was dozing off at the bus-stop/in the bus/in the mrt….so I went home early to rest.

Every day, I would receive an email from the Beauty Cleanse team with cleanse tips and encouragement letters. Kinda cool because you feel like someone is actually cheering for you on the sideline =) Oh one interesting thing I learnt about the fast today – One bottle of 500ml juice contains approximately 1KG of fresh, organic produce! So…5 bottles of juices = 5KG worth of living nutrients! So much easier to consume nutrients this way …compared to say eating 5KG worth of salads and fruits!

heart shape by various vegetables and fruits

DAY 5  – Last day of my cleanse…woke up early again but luckily I wasn’t feeling as tired as yesterday.

Have to talk about the main highlight of my day – ran into a friend of mine during yoga and she commented on my sans-makeup face saying that I looked really “alive” and “glowing” and quizzed me about the facial product I was using.  I couldn’t stop looking like this – 😀 !   I actually took a before and after shot of my face (and pores) to show you all the difference….but ALAS I recently changed my phone last week and didn’t backup my photos! Urgh..:(  I had one pimple that was popping out as part of the detoxification process, but other than that, my pores were smaller and my face looked…brigher. So essentially, even though I chose the Skinny Genes plan, I was also getting a Beauty Boost!

beauty cleanse 2

I didn’t get any uncomfortable symptoms or feel extremely sluggish throughout the 5 days. But everyone’s body is different so if you’re on a juice fast and have detox symptoms showing as early as day 2, don’t worry because its perfectly normal. Read more on what I wrote about detox symptons on a previous juice fast.

………………………………………………….~ ~…………………………………………………



I felt that this juice cleanse was such a breeze. It makes a HUGEEEEE difference when you don’t have to shop, wash, chop and juice your produce.  I had so much more time on my hands – no need for visiting the super market (u have no idea how much time this saves me!), conceptualising my juices, prepping my ingredients and most importantly, the hideous task of cleaning your kitchen and washing your juicer.

Beauty cleanse 1

I also wasn’t fantasizing about solid food because I wasn’t anywhere near it.  When I did my previous juice fast , I was surrounded by so much fruits and vegetables (at home & in the supermarket)…and I admit , many times I was very tempted to pop that grape into my mouth or munch on that juicy apple. I guess the theory “out of sight, out of mind” really does work.

Most importantly, does the Skinny Genes plan allow me to wear SKINNY JEANS?  Yeah! I lost around 2kg and felt so light….not alot to some people but for my frame it’s quite a difference. Some people have mentioned that its easy to pile on back the weight after you’ve stop fasting. Well that’s true, since your calorie intake will increase once you start eating normal foods. But its possible to keep off ALL that weight from piling back. Now that your palate has been cleansed, it’s easier to crave healthier foods and the decision is up to you to consciously choose what goes in your body.

beauty cleanse 3

The juice cleanse is a little pricey …but I think it’s definitely worth it if you want a thorough detox and to get your health back on track. Especially so if you lead a busy life or don’t have a clue where to start! Because this cleanse is so convenient, palatable, fuss-free and guided…you won’t have any excuses haha! Would I do this again even if it wasn’t an advertorial? Hell yes I would! So a BIG thank you to Beauty Cleanse for helping me get back on track! =)

** BEAUTY CLEANSE is giving 10% OFF all Juice Cleanse Packages if you book during the month of October 2013!! Seize the opportunity and don’t close the door to good health! ***

To find out more about the Beauty Cleanse packages and prices, visit or check out thier facebook page here.

August – Product Round Up

Hey all,

Sorry for the late round up of buys in August. This month’s buys are all from London, but I’ve added a few alternatives if you want to find them in Singapore too. Here we go:



Am quite in love with the Linswood range of superfood products. There are so many different types combinations of milled flax seeds to choose from in the range – from flax+goji+cacao to flax+sesame+sunflower+goji and more. Great for smoothies, breakfast toppings, salad toppings etc. I chose the one with Vitamin D and Biocultures because its the combination I’m least able to make at home.

Where to find : Holland & Barrett stores in UK / Singapore (only selected products)



I haven’t tried this yet but I’m excited to! I’ve tried raw onion bread, raw beetroot & carrot bread….but never broccoli bread! Plus its the equivalent of mini square pizza so I’m looking forward to making a delicious raw pizza with this as the base.

Where to find : Planet Organic & Whole food stores (London)



While we have no lack of nut and seed butters in Singapore, I just had to buy one bottle back because the prices in UK are like 30 – 40 % lower! OO and among all seed butters, pumpkin seed butter has got to be one of my favourites.

Where to find : Planet Organic & Whole food stores (London)

**Alternatively:  One of my favourite pumpkin nut butter brands in Singapore is from Nature’s Glory. Creamy and delicious! You can find it at most organic/vegetarian stores and selected Fairprice finest and Cold storage outlets



I haven’t really found sun dried tomatoes in SG that are large – the ones I get from Mustafa have been wrinkled to a very small size and the ones in the normal supermarkets are soaked in oil. So I was very glad to find this and I’m thinking of using this to make my “tomato” base for the raw pizza!

Where to find: Spitalfields Organic Market (London)



Got these at a 2 for 1 promo WOOHOO! The other flavour i bought was cacao banana….which I’ve already finished during my first week back. I loveeee the inspiral granola and it goes so well with almond milk, yogurt and fruits for breakfast.

Where to find : Inspiral Lounge, Planet Organic & Whole food stores (London)



Felt very compelled to buy this Vegan granola (more like muesli) because I saw quite a few people buying it at thier stall in Borough Market. Yea kiasu Singaporean yet again. But luckily it tasted really good so moral of the story is, follow the queues haha . This granola in gluten free too!

Where to find : Borough Market (weekends only), Planet Organic (London)

**Alternatively : There are plenty of vegan mueslis in the supermarkets and organic food stores in Singapore. Growing number of brands that are GF too. Oo, if you’re looking for British brands, buy them from Mustafa because its almost 50% cheaper as compared to the supermarket chains.



I’ve been looking to buy Xylitol in Singapore for some time now but its so expensive!! Cold Storage is selling it for around $20+….er that’s a bit excessive right? But these were selling for at around 3+pounds (or $7) at Whole foods and the kiasu auntie in me started grabbing a few packs while mumbling “Wahh so cheap!” Luckily no fellow Singaporean saw me then because it was so unglam haha… Anyway to those who wonder if Xylitol is considered “raw”, well no its not. Its just a healthier alternative to sugar (40% less calories), lower in GI and suitable for diabetics. Taste wise, it tastes exactly like sugar.

Where to find: Wholefoods (London)

** Alternatively : For Singaporeans, you can purchase it on ! Its WAYYYY cheaper…..really wonder why the price is so marked up in the supermarkets!



Raw kale chips! Raw kale chips! My favourite kale chips ever.,..ever! This is my third time buying this back from London because that’s how much i love it! They have some wacky flavours too…!

Where to find : Inspiral Lounge, Planet Organic & Whole food stores (London)

**Alternatively: Make them at home! Kale chips are pretty easy to make and they don’t necessarily need to be raw. You can oven bake them too – see Mr and Mrs Vegan’s easy to follow post on kale chips here



One of my favourite buys this haul. Its not your regular hot chocolate but i really like it! To be honest, it took me a while to get used to the taste of this drink because its a little sour …i guess due to the fact that there’s no added sugar. But I always stir in a little agave to make it sweeter or I simply add it in my smoothies for a thicker and chocolately texture.

Where to find : Planet Organic (London)

**Alternatively: Create your own superfood smoothie by adding in a TSP of Maca powder, Lucuma powder, Cacao powder, medjool dates, almond milk and frozen bananas.

July – Product Round up

Here are some of the new products I bought in July.

Lets start with my favourite buy —–


A googled for the meaning of Lavosh and the results showed “a thin, crisp piece of bread snack originating from Middle East“…and this pack I bought exactly fits the description. It was crispy, had just the right amount of flavour and was not oily at all! And it goes extremely well with dips and sauces. I brought my pack to a friend’s gathering and tried  it with some homemade tahini and loved it! (even though one of them did mention that when i took out the pack, she thought it looked like dog food :X) The price is little steep so if you want to give yourself a little gourmet “dip treat”, you should totally consider this!

Where to find : Major Cold Storage outlets
Price : $6.95



I’m quite sensitive to the taste of raw cacao powder but I still like to try using new brands from time to time. Tried out this brand and i thought the cacao flavour was pretty good and something I’ll definitely purchase again. To top it off, it is one of the most affordable cacao powders in Singapore.

Where to find : Lemon Zest (Holland V)
Price : Oops i lost the receipt but it was between $17 – $19


loving earth

Can I just start off by saying what a BIG FAN I am of Loving Earth. OMG PLS TRY THEIR RAW CHOCOLATES!! Loving Earth products are expensive in Singapore …if I don’t remember wrongly, these bars sell for around $11++ at Real foods and their nut butters are around $25 – $30 at Four Seasons Organic for a really small bottle.
One of our chefs bought a whole box of Loving Earth chocolates back from Aussie and sold them to me at cost! I was grinning from ear to ear the whole day….good food & cheap thrills make me so happy lol. Bought the Orange & Gubinge Dark Choc and Coconut Mylk flavour….have to say both were good but i prefer the coconut mylk one. So….anyone else going to Aussie soon??? :DD

Where to find : Real food grocer 
Price : Around $11+



Stopped by the supermarket to get a tub of Nuttelex but found another diary free margerine spread called Tablehands that was almost half price! Both are gluten free and have around the same amount of calories… and I was curious to find out how similar or different they were  and bought both!

Taste: I prefer Nuttelex more. Its creamier and has slighty more flavour.
Price: Tableshands is way more affordable at $4.15 as compared to Nutelex’s $8.25
Performance: I used both margarines in baking 2 different vegan cakes and both turned out well. Also used Nuttelex to make a vegan peanut butter frosting….which was so darn rich and creamy !

For Vegans : The main difference between Tablehands & Nuttelex (besides the huge price gap) is the sneaky little ingredient called Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is needed for its role in bone health and to help our body absorb calcium. Sources of Vitamin D can be absorbed in 3 ways – through our body’s exposure to sunlight, taking supplements or through food that contains vitamin D. Only a few natural foods like fatty fish and eggs contain Vitamin D. But manufacturers also add Vitamin D to foods such as fortified soymilk, fortified juice, fortified breakfast cereals, cow’s milk, and margarine.

There are two different forms of Vitamin D used in our supplements and fortified foods:

Vitamin D2 – which is made from yeast, is vegan
Vitamin D3 – which is derived from sheep’s wool, is well, not vegan

Nuttelex uses Vitamin D2 while Tablehands uses Vitamin D3. (By the way, EarthBalance uses Vitamin D2 too). So if you’re a strict vegan,  Nuttelex is the way to go. If not, Tablehands is a much more affordable alternative that for that price, works just as well.

Where to find : Major Cold Storage outlets
Price : Nuttelex $8.25 / Tablehands $4.15

June – Product round up

Hi All,

So sorry for the the lack of updates ! Know I was supposed to blog a bout my pre-holiday detox but unfortunately, I’ve been sick+busy this whole week 😦 ! I’ll definitely do an update on that post another time!

WIll be leaving for Penang tonight and I’m so grateful for this short break. Been it the kitchen way too much, it’ll be good to just relax for abit=) Before I leave, here’s a short post on my June product haul.



OMGAWDDDD BEST BUY OF THE YEAR!  Been lusting after a Vitamix for the longest time so when I got my pay in early June, I decided to bite the bullet and just invest in one! Highly encourage everyone who is into raw ,vegan foods…or even just good food in general to get one. Its high powered blades blend your food into smooth liquid in no time…even those rock solid items you take out from the freezer.

Just a personal self reflections here: Pretty amazed at how going on this journey has changed not only my diet but also me as a person. Back when I first started working, my priorities were so different… i lusted after the Chanels and Pradas and oh those beautiful new Celine bags. But now, i find myself placing less emphasize on material goods and more on wellbeing in general. well, just some personal ramblings here =X

Where to find : Balanced Living Asia
Price : $1,218 or $1,318 (Stainless steel) so far cheapest in SG



Love the July – Aug period in Singapore because its nearing Hari Raya and the supermarkets stock up on Medjool dates!! Woohoo…these are my fav so far! Juicy , moist and plump. Affordable too! Much better than the ones I buy at Mustafa.

Where to find : Supermarket chains like NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant
 Price : $14.90 for 980g



Finally got my hands on some KALE! This probably raises a few eyebrows if you’re not from Singapore….but well over here, Kale is really rare and expensive! The normal organic packets at Jasons’ and Sg Organics are going at around $12 – $14 for a few leaves and I really can’t bring myself to buy it. So when I spotted this at the Cold Storage near my place, I grabbed all 3 remaining packets on display. My bf commented that he has never seen anyone get so excited over vegetables hahah. Overall, I thought Kale has a really mild taste which is easy to eat raw. I prefer using it in salads then in smoothies because it makes my smoothies really ‘thick and fuzzy’. Maybe I’m just too used to having spinach? Anyway, Zen Xin Organics has has an online website and a store at Pasir Panjang market too that sells Kale

Where to find : Selected Cold Storage outlets and Zen Xin Organics
 Price : $14.90 for 980g


2013-07-03 17.26.27

If you can’t get your hands on Kale, how about some Kale Powder? Sprinkle some over your salads, mix it into your smoothies or in dips. Prefer adding this in my smoothies than the actual Kale.

Where to find : YES Natural
 Price : $14.80


2013-07-03 17.27.17 2013-07-03 17.26.56

This vegan Kimchi is SPICYYEEEEE!! But really delicious! I was holding a tissue in my hand and sniffling while eating this….the things you do for good food eh. It contains no onions or garlic too so its suitable for religious vegans.

Where to find : YES Natural
 Price : $7.80


Veggie Cottage Cafe

2013-06-22 20.23.35

The Veggie Cottage is one of the  few fully vegan eateries in Singapore. A little gem of a cafe tucked between rows of unassuming shophouses in Little India, its easy not to notice it because it doesn’t have large signs or flashy banners unlike its next door neighbours. Luckily for me, I saw pictures of the exterior when Mr & Mrs Vegan blogged about it previously and spotted the red windows from far!


Initially, I told the bf that there was this new place I wanted to check out and I heard good reviews of their Fish & Chips and Nasi Lemak. And because we always dine at places where there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, he assumed that I was referring to real meat. So I could sense his disappointment when we arrived at Veggie Cottage and he found out that the Fish & Chips was actually “Fish” & Chips! My bad, forgot to clarify :X Luckily for me, he’s really accommodating and we quickly settled in.

2013-06-22 20.14.392013-06-22 20.22.202013-06-22 20.22.32

We reached the cafe at around 8pm (last order is at 830pm) and sadly, hot favourites like the veggie cottage pie, spaghetti and dumpling soup were sold out =(  But the nice ladies at the cafe recommended us a few alternatives. By the way, the cafe menu also indicates which items contain garlic and onions, so its pretty ideal for buddhist vegetarians too!

IMG_20130622_202639Crispy and really delicious! Spring roll > $1


The pumpkin soup was really homemade. It doesn’t have the creamy texture you get from the non-vegan pumpkin soups but i quite enjoyed it. Pumpkin soup > $4.80IMG_20130622_203323

I loved this salad!  Though they don’t use fancy vegetables or ingredients , it still tasted really good and fresh. And its solely attributed to the amazing homemade vegan mayo that the chef made. YUMYUM. Vegan Salad Medley $5.50 IMG_20130622_203547

The bf had this dish and he was eyeing this dish suspiciously as it was placed on our table. But to his (and my) surprise, he LOVED it! The fries were crispy and not over fried and they did a great job making the fish taste succulent, tender and like the real deal. Yummm. Understand that the fish patty was made from mushrooms , totally couldn’t tell. Fish & Chip > $6.50

Overall, I thought the quality of food was pretty good! Fresh ingredients and tasty dishes. The price range is pretty comfortable and value for money as all dishes are between $4 – $7. Oh one last thing, only cash is accepted at the cafe so remember to draw money if you’re going. Will definitely be back soon to try the rest of the “best sellers”!

Food : 8/10 (wnated to put 9 but i haven’t tried the entire menu yet!)
Service : 9/10
Value : 9/10
Ambience : 8/10

Veggie Cottage
13 Dalhousie Lane (near The Verge @ Little India)
Contact: 67856771
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 11am-8.45pm, Sunday 11am-4pm. Closed Monday