SUFOOD Singapore

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Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve not been doing a very good job juggling work, social and blogging ūüė¶ But am really grateful for those of you who have still been dropping me comments and mails…thank you thank you!!

Today I want to talk about my recent visit to SUFOOD, the newest vegetarian restaurant to hit our sunny shores. The kind folks at SUFOOD¬†invited me down for a media tasting and I couldn’t be more excited after reading the press release. SUFOOD¬†is a joint venture between Singapore‚Äôs PUTIEN and Taiwan’s largest restaurant operator WOWPRIME. I asked my Taiwanese friend about SUFOOD¬†and though he is not a vegetarian, he knows of this chain. Always a good sign rite? ūüėÄ


SUFOOD¬†is located at Raffles City Shopping Center….FINALLY another vegetarian option in town! So stoked about the location because most good veg food are not located near any central MRT¬†stations and this makes meat-free options so much more accessible to the masses (and for me hohoho!).


SUFOOD’s vegetarian menu is Italian-inspired with a playful cross-fusion approach to culinary creations. Ingredients for their menu are sourced regionally and all food is prepared with no artificial flavorings or MSG, yay!


Love the colourful and vegan-friendly menu – all dishes have cute little icons beside indicating if it contains diary products , onions or garlic.


There’s a wide range of options in the menu – from appetizers to soups, and mains to desserts. BUTBUTBUT why would you go a la carte when you can go for their ULTRA value for money 8-course set meal at $25++?? When i¬†first saw the price, i honestly thought I saw it wrongly, or that the portions were going to be bite sized. But boy was I wrong.

See their menu SUFOOD Menu

appetizer trio

Started off the course with their SUFOOD appetizer Рa delicate trio of poached Japanese Yuca root drizzled with a blueberry coulis, a stack of oriental white water snowflake greens and a savoury cherry tomato jelly. Each appetizer was unique Рand because there was one each of something sweet, savoury and sour, it really tantalized my tastebuds and got me looking forward to the next course.


Next we had the Rosemary Bread sticks followed by a shot of Vinegar 
The shot of vinegar is made from fermented mulberry roots and is supposedly very healthy. The strong sour tastes takes some people a while to get used to, but its OK for me since I’m used to taking Apple Cider Vinegar.

mushroom salads

The Salad options were very simple Рi had the Mushroom Salad. It was lightly seasoned and probably the most flavourful among the rest of the salads which were mostly raw. Probably not the place you come to if you want to dig into a hearty salad dish.


The Soup¬†Course was one of my faves. I went more Asian and chose the Cabbage and Sweet Potato Stew…and wow this was really good! The broth was so flavorful it reminded me of my grandma’s cooking. Everyone thought it was the best soup on the table too! Tried a few spoonfuls of other soups-¬†my next fav was¬†the Mushroom & Pea Pottage Soup – It wasn’t overly thick and surprising savory!

green pea souppiumpkin soup

By the time we reached our Main Course, I was quite full! Ordered the Wild Mushroom Charcoal Tagliatelle and served a delightful looking dish. This was my dish of the day – the dish had alot of asian flavours but it was really unique in a good way. The charcoal pasta was really well made, chewy and best part, it doesn’t stain your teeth! The mushrooms were fresh (looks like squid right?) and complemented the pasta excellently.



I must say that SUFOOD is quite generous with their portions. Even though this was an 8 course meal, the soup and main were of normal portion size and not downsized. Here are some pictures of other main course dishes ( some of which are not vegan)

For dishes that require diners to use their hands to pick up the food, SUFOOD provides gloves to ease the dining experience. So considerate right?

DSCN9354 DSCN9356

Only some mains are vegan but i¬†think that the vegan options looked even better than the veg ones!¬†A dish I spyed someone at the next table having was the Mediterranean Vegetable Skewers and it looked so delicious! So gonna try that the next time I’m there.


Dessert time! The dessert¬†portions are quite small but to me, it was the perfect portion-size after you’ve just had 6 courses. The only vegan option was the Osmanthus Flower Jelly. Another fav¬†of mine! The texture of the jelly was perfect – The Taiwanese really know their jelly man – and you could taste and see the infused Osmanthus flowers with each bite. The dessert¬†comes with a drink – and you get to choose between hot tea and fruit juices. I had “The Very Berry” drink, a little too sweet/sour for me …should have gone for the hot tea instead. Other desserts¬†in the menu include cheesecake and panna cotta.


SUFOOD is definitely a place I’ll visit again because it serves good quality food at really affordable prices! Seriously, what more can a Singaporean ask for?! So, make a trip down to check it out…and loosen your waist band!

#02-19 Raffles City Shopping Center (next to Espirit)
Opening Hours : 11.30am – 3.30pm / 5.30pm – 10.00pm


Loving Hut @ Joo Chiat

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Haven’t had much time to cook new stuff this month, hence the lack of recipe posts.  Have been having more or less the same type breakfast/lunch/dinner on weekdays and then eating out on weekends.  Hoping to start making new stuff soon.


Meanwhile, I‚Äôm really excited to share about¬† the new Loving Hut @ Joo Chiat that opened recently. (YESSS finally something in the EAST! Sorry westsiders, but you have Star Vista !) I‚Äôve always felt that Singapore lacked vegan cafes…most of the vegan/vegetarian places here are either restaurants or hawker stalls. But I‚Äôm so glad that this trend is taking on¬† – first with the Living Cafe, Real Foods..and now Loving Hut! Definitely something to appeal to younger generation.

Interior – Loving the ambience so it deserves a whole paragraph on its own! The interior is bright, modern and I think Singaporeans who are into the ‚Äúcafe-hype‚ÄĚ craze will love it. Plus, its located in the very indie Joo Chiat! Colourful paintings relating to veganism are hung/placed around the cafe, sprinking colour and youthful vibes everywhere.

20140126_150115 20140126_150018


Cute slogans like ‚ÄúMake Peace, Go Vegan‚ÄĚ can be found on coasters, postcards, cloth bags, walls and even on thier furniture!¬†¬†There‚Äôs even a panel against the wall that sells vegan snacks and environmentally friendly kitchen accessories.

20140126_150001 20140126_145926 20140126_145908

I visited Loving Hut with a bunch of vegan friends and managed to try abit of everything. The menu is pretty extensive! There are salads, starters, burgers, mains, asian dishes, fushion dishes, rice sets, desserts¬†etc. Needless to say, none of us could make up our minds about what to eat. But that was a good problem ūüėČ check out the menu on thier facebook page


Lets start with the drinks. Hands down, my favourite was the Morning Glory drink which I ordered ‚Äď made using vegan yogurt! It tasted a bit like yakult with a slight zest and minty flavour. Thumbs up!

morning glory

Here are a few more drinks:

Hazelnut Coffee Latte – made using organic soy milk


Hazelnut Cocoa

20140126_134429 (1)

Green Tea Latte


Most of us ordered the western dishes, so there were lots of burgers and fries on the table.  The price for a main is around $13 Р$17, similar to what you pay at normal cafes. Portions were a little small, I think a few of the guys mentioned they could eat another burger. I also understand that normally they also have sweet potato fries but sadly, it wasn’t available that day.

Tandoori Flame Burger – with fries and a side salad


Beanie Quinoa BBQ Burger


My dish of the Papa’s Porobello Burger – with a huge portobello inside! Quite tasty and i’m so glad it wasn’t a minced patty.


Some ordered the asian-style dishes like dumpling soup and brown rice sets


Almond Crumb Fillet – this was good too!


Pan Gilled Vegan Scallops  Рlooks so real eh! They are actually mushrooms


Sadly all the desserts were sold out too…my heart actually sank a little as I watched the last plate of Bread and Butter Pudding being served to the next table because it looked freaking good! Well, more reasons to go back next time.


I think that Loving Hut’s new branch has set a new standard for vegan eateries in Singapore. Its modern cafe-styled concept and western menu will definitely appeal to both vegans and non vegans. It is redefining the perception of veganism and vegetarian food in Singapore and introducing veganism in a more fun, casual and relatable approach to the masses. Do check it out and show them some support!

Loving Hut Joo Chiat
229 Joo Chiat Road #01-01
Open daily : 11am – 2.30pm / 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Tel: 6348 6318

Pita Pan

Hi All,

pita pan

I’m so excited to share about my recent dining experience at the casual vegetarian restaurant Pita Pan. Pita Pan (how cute is the name?!) has been around for a while but only recently opened a new outlet at the very convenient Marina Square.  After reading so many raving reviews about Pita Pan from fellow bloggers and instagrammers, I finally made some time to pay it a visit. And boy am I glad I did! I really love Mediterranean food and Pita Pan didn’t disappoint!

pita pan

Just a little intro about Pita Pan which I lifted off their website:

‚ÄúPita Pan is a casual vegetarian dining experience, not fast food. Our Mediterranean inspired, vegetarian dishes are made to order, using the freshest ingredients, right in front of your eyes! We serve the most delicious homemade Pita Breads, Falafels, Middle Eastern Salads and many other unique Mediterranean dishes. The food is 100% vegetarian and most of the menu items are dairy-free.‚ÄĚ

pita pan

I decided to go for the pocket sandwiches made using their homemade Pita bread since it was the recommended item on the menu.  You start off by choosing your main ingredient Р either crispy Chickpea n or Veggie Shawarma (soy based mock meat)- followed by adding different toppings and sauces as much as your pocket can hold!20131130_191223

Naturally, I chose the Chickpea¬†Falafels! Here‚Äôs my yummeh¬†pocket pita ‚Äď filled with Garlic Tahini, Hummus, corn, salsa, red cabbage, eggplant, onions, and carrots. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! The Falafels were tasty and crispy while the toppings and sauces complimented it so well. Right now I‚Äôm actually feeling hungry as I‚Äôm typing this post =XIMG_20131130_191558IMG_20131130_192040

My Bf had the Veggie Shawarma¬†‚Äď which he preferred probably because it tasted like meat.¬†I‚Äôm not a huge fan of mock meat but I guess the shawarma¬†is a good option for hardcore carnivores.¬†You can also choose to make your pita pocket a meal – comes with fries and a drink. If i had one criticism it would be – don’t order the Ice tea. It was pure syrup and very little water.IMG_20131130_192311

Being a typical kaypo¬†Singaporean, I also scanned the restaurant to check out what everyone else was having and ended up ordering a Shakshuka¬†to share. A Shakshuka¬†is basically a dish of eggs poached in sauces and vegetables and served in a sizzling hot pan. We ordered the Green Shashuka¬†which had baby spinach, basil, spring onions and paparika…but we omitted the eggs and Halloumi. Bf thought it was OKAY and felt it could be more flavourful …and I guess that‚Äôs why the original dish had cheese and eggs to balance out the flavours. I on the other hand quite liked it!¬† Sorry I couldn‚Äôt snap a picture of this because eating the pocket sandwich got really messy and I didn‚Äôt want to dirty my camera haha. You can check out how it looks from thier website here

After I posted a picture of my pita pocket on Instagram, a friend commented that the food at Pita Pan was quite expensive. While there are cheaper vegan options around, I personally find that the price point is decent for the quality of food you get. And it’s very filling too since you’re loading up on carbs and protein!

I have many fav vegan places to eat at but I always end up at the same one or two places like Real Foods because it‚Äôs convenient and centrally located….but now, I have a new option and you‚Äôre gonna see me there often. Very often!

So head down to Pita Pan if you haven‚Äôt already done so and show them some love ‚̧

Marina Square Shopping Mall #02-183A
Operating Hours Sun – Thu 11am to 11pm Fri and Sat 11am to 12midnight
Phone: +65 6337 2587

Sunny Choice Organic Cafe

Hi Everyone,

Last weekend, I made a trip down Sunny Choice Organic Cafe. Sunny Choice has been on my ‚ÄúMust Check Out‚ÄĚ list for quite some time now but I‚Äôve always been putting it off because it‚Äôs so far from where I stay. But boy am I glad I finally made the trip down.

Sunny Choice is located at The Rail Mail, along Upper Bukit Timah Road. Don’t be fooled by the name because unlike the typical high rise malls you see all over Singapore, The Rail Mall is actually a long row of 1 storey high shops and eateries. The mall is located next to the old Malayan rail way track and is surrounded by an abundance of lush greenery. I simply love this area and am so glad I to have found such a quaint, secluded spot in our bustling city.


Before I get on to the food, I have something really happy to share! My carnivorous bf has finally agreed to go vegetarian one day per week…weee! For someone who doesn‚Äôt eat much veggies, that‚Äôs a pretty good start=) So we‚Äôve christianed the day as Super Veggie Saturdays and Sunny Choice was where we kicked off his first full vegetarian day.


You place your order through this tablet attached to your table. Thought this was pretty high tech for a small cafe! And smart too !

mini-20131027_132624¬†Ok, finally for the food! We ordered 2 sides, 2 mains, 2 drinks …and
the portions were pretty huge! The family beside us even commented ‚Äėwow can the
both of you finish all that?’ We answered with a resounding YES! I’ve read a
few reviews saying that the dishes are bland. I can understand why because the
dishes here aren‚Äôt the typical vegetarian dishes ‚Äď they are healthier, use less
seasoning and oil, and don‚Äôt serve alot of fried stuff….but that‚Äôs not to say
it isn’t tasty.


Tau Hu Goreng

This dish is a much healthier version of the typical deep fried and oily Tau Hu Goreng (Fried Tofu). Combined with shredded carrots, sprouts, cucumber, radishes and a generous topping of peanuts and pumpkin puree, the tofu is lightly fried to perfection and has almost no oil. In fact, I’m not sure what the method of cooking was. I like that it is lightly seasoned yet flavourful. My bf attacked this dish with so much gusto and kept saying in-between mouthfuls how he would come back for this.


Veggie Sushi

My favourite! This simple veggie sushi roll is filled with carrots, radishes, beetroot, alfafa sprouts and lettuce , served with a side dressing of wasabi soy sauce. It is SO DARN FRESH and the sauce is delicious. I think I could eat 2 ‚Äď 3 plates of this anytime.

mini-IMG_20131027_134242 mini-IMG_20131027_134318

Vegetarian Curry Set Meal

This set comes with brown rice, a bowl of veggie curry, pumpkin chips and some side vegetables. Hearty and satisfying whilst not overly seasoned…but its right up my alley. LOVING the chips and was so tempted to grab an entire pack from the store =X


Salad Noodle

This dish was a little weird for me but still tasty nevertherless. Though I‚Äôm not a big fan of heavily seasoned salads, I quite liked the vinegar noodles because it balanced out the taste of the fresh veggies quite well. Its a little too heavy to be called a ‚Äúsalad‚ÄĚ….more like a noodle dish.


There are many other popular items like the Thunder Tea Rice, Abacus set and Spagetti… so I guess I will have to make a trip back real soon!


Sunny Choice is also an organic store. The store sells a good range of products like fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts/grains/dried food, baby products, health supplements, oils/seasonings/condiments and even skin/body/hair products. Basically all your basic necessities for leading an organic and vegetarian lifestyle. What I also noticed and loved about the store is that there is a good variety of both western and asian products! mini-20131027_141916 mini-20131027_133944 mini-20131027_133904 mini-20131027_132950

Here are some other products I spotted in the store:

Oligo  Рdiabetic friendly sugar. like Xylitol


\Purple Sweet Potato and Pumpkin chips Р This came together with the curry veggie set and was SO yummy!! Its the Asian kinda chips which i LOVELOVELOVE.

mini-20131027_133650 mini-20131027_133637

The very first smoothie i ordered¬†on my recent¬†trip to London was a pretty pink smoothie that was decorated with dried roses …and¬† I swore to recreate that drink at home! Tadah I finally found the dried roses!


Kelp buds, great for soups=)


Don’t like the taste of chia seeds on¬† its own? Have Chia Crisps!


Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Sunny Choice very much ‚Äď Healthy, delicious food at a very reasonable price, what else can you ask for? Will be back to try out the rest of the menu soon. Real soon.


Sunny Choice Organic Cafe

434 Upper Bukit Timah Road
The Rail Mall
Tel: 6892 2383
Open Daily from 10am ‚Äď 9pm.


2013-09-22 14.52.27

This past year, there have been many new vegetarian and vegan cafes/restaurants¬†that have opened in Singapore….but most of them are located in the west ( think Onaka, Frunatic, Vegzilla¬†etc).¬†¬†So I was really excited¬†when I¬†found out that CERA, the newest veg¬†cafe on the block, opened in the north! Weee, pretty near my place too!


Step into the cafe and you’ll be engulfed by a whole lot of green¬†– from the mural on the wall to¬†the interior and furniture.¬† I’m guessing its inspired by the chef’s¬†love for the¬†herbivore eating¬†dinosaur, the Triceratops (which is also the mascot for the cafe)¬†and the plant based¬†diet the cafe promotes. By the way, I find thier mascot really CUTE!

2013-09-22 14.51.57

CERA¬†is an Ovo-Lacto¬†Vegetarian cafe with quite a few vegan-friendly options. The menu is western-fusion¬† as they give familiar local Singaporean dishes a interesting¬†vegetarian spin.¬†Some interesting¬†dishes¬†include as the Yong Tau Fu salad, Rojak¬†Salad, Pizza John (take on Roti John), Ba chor¬†mee (minced “pork” noodles) and¬†“Oyster” omelette. Oh and they also have a full range of Vegan beers & ciders too!

Here are some of the items we tried:

Ratatouille РLove the rosti but not the ratatouille. Think my vegetables were a little undercooked:( This was part of the lunch set menu which only cost $10.90 nett for a main, a drink and a dessert. Very affordable eh!


So smelly it hurts! Petai Salad¬†– I didn’t try this because I’m not a Petai¬†fan but my friends who did really liked it! So i guess it must be pretty good


Laksa Pizza РThis pizza was hugeeee and very good! The crust texture was like prata but I really liked it. The seasoning and toppings (like tau pok and bean sprouts) really reminded me of laksa too. CERA

Stack Up! –¬†Pandan¬†crepes layered with avocado puree, saut√©ed¬†coconut and gula¬†melaka¬†suace— a version of Kueh¬†da dar (a malay¬†kueh). I don’t really like malay¬†kuehs because it can be too sweet and fried…but luckily for this dish, the fresh avocado puree balanced out the sweetness. Wish the portion was larger though.


Vegan Chocolate cake with Vanilla Ice Cream РThere were a few vegan cakes available and we had the chocolate one. I like that the cake was not too overly sweet and that it is really value for money. This large slice only costs around $6.50. Will definitely go back to try more!


Vegan Waffles with Ice Cream and Gula Melaka sauce РSorry to say but the waffles were quite disappointing. It was more like a crepe because it was so thin. Brownice still wins hands down for best vegan waffles in town.


Vegan ice cream from Brownice!


Overall, there were a few hit and misses for me but I’m still going to go back again because there were some signature dishes¬†I didn’t get to try! Plus,¬†I’m still thinking about the pizza haha. ¬†I always find it tricky when chefs and restaurants try to recreate local dishes or try to make it fine dining (like seriously? i¬†just don’t get that) ….but I think CERA should be applauded¬†for daring to give a¬†vegetarian spin on these dishes¬†and at the same time, keeping it real and not going overboard. Plus, we should always support our local vegan scene and keep it growing =)

2013-09-22 14.55.49

906M Upper Thomson Road
Tel: +65 6554 2372

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm-11pm Friday-Saturday: 12pm-2am
Sunday: 12pm-11pm
Monday: Closed

Veggie Cottage Cafe

2013-06-22 20.23.35

The Veggie Cottage is one of the¬† few fully¬†vegan eateries in Singapore. A little gem of a cafe tucked between rows of unassuming shophouses in Little India, its easy not to notice it because it doesn’t have large signs or flashy banners unlike its next door neighbours. Luckily for me, I saw pictures of the exterior¬†when Mr & Mrs Vegan¬†blogged about it previously and spotted the red windows from far!


Initially, I told the bf that there was this¬†new place I wanted to check out and I heard good reviews of their¬†Fish¬†& Chips and Nasi Lemak. And because we always dine at places where there are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, he assumed that I was referring to real meat. So¬†I could sense his¬†disappointment¬†when we arrived at Veggie Cottage and he found out that the Fish & Chips was actually “Fish”¬†& Chips! My bad, forgot to clarify :X Luckily for me, he’s really accommodating and we quickly settled in.

2013-06-22 20.14.392013-06-22 20.22.202013-06-22 20.22.32

We reached the cafe at around 8pm (last order is at 830pm) and sadly, hot favourites like the veggie cottage pie, spaghetti and dumpling soup were sold out =(  But the nice ladies at the cafe recommended us a few alternatives. By the way, the cafe menu also indicates which items contain garlic and onions, so its pretty ideal for buddhist vegetarians too!

IMG_20130622_202639Crispy and really delicious! Spring roll > $1


The¬†pumpkin soup was really homemade. It doesn’t have the creamy texture you get from the non-vegan pumpkin soups but i quite enjoyed it. Pumpkin soup¬†> $4.80IMG_20130622_203323

I loved this salad!¬† Though¬†they don’t use fancy vegetables or ingredients , it still tasted really good and fresh. And its solely¬†attributed to the amazing homemade vegan mayo that the chef made. YUMYUM. Vegan Salad Medley $5.50 IMG_20130622_203547

The bf had this dish and he was eyeing this dish suspiciously¬†as it was placed on our table. But to his (and my) surprise, he LOVED it! The fries were crispy and not over fried and they did a great job making the fish taste succulent, tender and like¬†the real¬†deal.¬†Yummm. Understand that the fish patty was made from mushrooms¬†, totally couldn’t tell. Fish & Chip > $6.50

Overall, I thought the quality of food was pretty good! Fresh ingredients and¬†tasty dishes. The price range is pretty comfortable and value for money as¬†all¬†dishes are¬†between $4 – $7.¬†Oh one last thing, only cash is accepted at the cafe so remember to draw money if you’re going. Will definitely¬†be back soon¬†to try the rest of the “best sellers”!

Food : 8/10 (wnated to put 9 but i haven’t tried the entire menu yet!)
Service : 9/10
Value : 9/10
Ambience : 8/10

Veggie Cottage
13 Dalhousie Lane (near The Verge @ Little India)
Contact: 67856771
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 11am-8.45pm, Sunday 11am-4pm. Closed Monday