My 5 Day Juice Fast with Beauty Cleanse



Early last month, I was thrilled when Beauty Cleanse approached me to sponsor a juice fast.  Beauty Cleanse offers nutritionist designed juice cleanse programs which are 100% raw, vegan and organic!

The offer couldn’t have come at a better timing because I just came back from feasting like a king in London and was already planning to detox for a bit!

So here’s how my Juice Cleanse went!

Before the cleanse –

Like every other type of fast, its important not to dive right into it and give your body the shock of its life. 3 days before I started the cleanse, I prepared my body by consuming lots of raw fruits and vegetables.  If you’re fasting for the first time, I would strongly advice pre-planning your week and clearing your schedule so that you can have lots of rest during this detoxification.

Then for the fun part- I had to choose the type of cleanse plan I wanted, how long I wanted to fast for and whether or not I wanted supplements.

Beauty Cleanse has 3 different types of cleanse plans to target different needs.

–          The Skinny Genes plan (to lose weight and boost your metabolism)

–          The Beauty Boost plan (achieve a radiant complexion and high energy levels)

–          The Bride – Me – Up plan (to obtain that bridal bliss and glow on your big day!)

skinny genes

I choose to go for the Skinny Genes plan for 5 days with supplements to further support the cleansing process.  Read more about the supplements here.

Beauty Cleanse also sent me a Pre-Fast guideline and a Daily Routine Summary as a reference to how and when I should take my supplements and juices throughout the day.



The night before my juice cleanse, the Beauty Cleanse team delivered juices for the first 3 days of my fast to my home.  I was actually quite excited when I saw all the colourful bottles because it looked so pretty!

Here’s a journal log I kept during my 5 day fast.

………………………………………………….~ ~…………………………………………………

DAY 1  Really excited to kick start this detox and well, get back those skinny genes!  The juices come with a  handy size Juice Cleanse booklet which basically guides you through your fast, contains tips on how to get through the day.


So I followed the steps and started off my morning with a glass of warm lemon juice and my supplements. During my previous fasts, I had constipation because I wasn’t consuming any fibre, so this time I opted for the colosan powder to help eliminate waste and cleanse my colons thoroughly. Note* It’s important to start off your fast with a clean colon so that your body can absorb the nutrients much better.


(Above : Spirulina, Flax seed oil, Liver supplemets and Acai berry supplements)

I stirred in 1 TBS of colosan powder with my morning juice and was expecting myself to run to the toilet but nothing happened. Oh well maybe I have superman colons :X

The day went pretty smoothly, no cravings or hunger pangs whatsoever. In fact, I was pretty full and couldn’t even finish all 6 bottles for the day. The juices were delightful though! My favourites were definitely the green juices (made using kale!)  and cashew milk YUMYUM. The beetroot juice with red cabbage was probably the hardest for me to drink but I gulped it down with my supplements.


DAY 2 – Woke up feeling pretty much the same as Day 1 but surprisingly not hungry at all. I followed my morning ritual of lemon juice and supplements but this time, I took 2.5 TBS of colosan powder since the 1 TBS didn’t have any effect on me. But do note that this is because I have chronic constipation and sometimes even powerful laxatives don’t work on me!


After around 2- 3 hours, the effect took place. I don’t want to gross you out but well, I eliminated alot of waste throughout the day. I’ve been taking laxatives since I was young, so believe me when I say that this is one of the gentlest, least painful forms of colon cleansing that I’ve undergone.

I felt so LIGHT by evening time so I went for 1hr yoga + a 4Km jog.  And no, I didn’t feel weak or dizzy because I wasn’t consuming food. I felt really….clean!

DAY 3– Since I’m currently not working at the moment, a normal day for me starts at 11am. Sometimes even later haha… but today I miraculously woke up at 730am and wasn’t even tired. Can’t remember the last time I needed that little sleep. Was feeling so energetic I brought Oreo out for a morning walk and went for yoga again at night.


I admit, I was initially sceptical about the juices remaining fresh after 3 days…but I was really surprised that the juices tasted as fresh on the third day as on the first day. I think its because Beauty Cleanse uses the awesome cold-pressed Norwalk juicer that maximises nutrients and enzymes and provides oxidation-free juices (aka, my dream juicer!!!)

Plus the bottles are sealed really tight!


No symptons or whatsoever so far….except the familiar fuzzy feeling on my teeth which is slightly annoying.

One thing  to add, one of the juices was a mix of honey  + cayenne pepper and I found it really spicy! Couldn’t really finish the bottles and had to dilute it with water. When the Beauty Cleanse team contacted me to check up on how I was doing, I mentioned this to them and they added less spice for my next batch. So if you find the juices too “bitter” or “unbearable”, the great thing is that you don’t have to suffer in silence because the team can tailor it to make it more palatable for you.

DAY 4  – Woke up feeling a little more tired today. Was out running errands the whole day today and I brought my juices in the cooler bag that was given to me. To be honest, I was worried about how to colosan powder would affect me outside and whether or not my juices would still be nice and cold.

I had to go the toilet more often than usual , like maybe once every 1.5 hours?  Luckily I was in a shopping mall so it wasn’t inconvenient. My juices were also kept cold in that cooler bag for at least half a day. This cooler bag is so useful and not “obiang” at all. I’m still using it to bring all my raw foods out!


Got a bit more lethargic towards the end of the day was dozing off at the bus-stop/in the bus/in the mrt….so I went home early to rest.

Every day, I would receive an email from the Beauty Cleanse team with cleanse tips and encouragement letters. Kinda cool because you feel like someone is actually cheering for you on the sideline =) Oh one interesting thing I learnt about the fast today – One bottle of 500ml juice contains approximately 1KG of fresh, organic produce! So…5 bottles of juices = 5KG worth of living nutrients! So much easier to consume nutrients this way …compared to say eating 5KG worth of salads and fruits!

heart shape by various vegetables and fruits

DAY 5  – Last day of my cleanse…woke up early again but luckily I wasn’t feeling as tired as yesterday.

Have to talk about the main highlight of my day – ran into a friend of mine during yoga and she commented on my sans-makeup face saying that I looked really “alive” and “glowing” and quizzed me about the facial product I was using.  I couldn’t stop looking like this – 😀 !   I actually took a before and after shot of my face (and pores) to show you all the difference….but ALAS I recently changed my phone last week and didn’t backup my photos! Urgh..:(  I had one pimple that was popping out as part of the detoxification process, but other than that, my pores were smaller and my face looked…brigher. So essentially, even though I chose the Skinny Genes plan, I was also getting a Beauty Boost!

beauty cleanse 2

I didn’t get any uncomfortable symptoms or feel extremely sluggish throughout the 5 days. But everyone’s body is different so if you’re on a juice fast and have detox symptoms showing as early as day 2, don’t worry because its perfectly normal. Read more on what I wrote about detox symptons on a previous juice fast.

………………………………………………….~ ~…………………………………………………



I felt that this juice cleanse was such a breeze. It makes a HUGEEEEE difference when you don’t have to shop, wash, chop and juice your produce.  I had so much more time on my hands – no need for visiting the super market (u have no idea how much time this saves me!), conceptualising my juices, prepping my ingredients and most importantly, the hideous task of cleaning your kitchen and washing your juicer.

Beauty cleanse 1

I also wasn’t fantasizing about solid food because I wasn’t anywhere near it.  When I did my previous juice fast , I was surrounded by so much fruits and vegetables (at home & in the supermarket)…and I admit , many times I was very tempted to pop that grape into my mouth or munch on that juicy apple. I guess the theory “out of sight, out of mind” really does work.

Most importantly, does the Skinny Genes plan allow me to wear SKINNY JEANS?  Yeah! I lost around 2kg and felt so light….not alot to some people but for my frame it’s quite a difference. Some people have mentioned that its easy to pile on back the weight after you’ve stop fasting. Well that’s true, since your calorie intake will increase once you start eating normal foods. But its possible to keep off ALL that weight from piling back. Now that your palate has been cleansed, it’s easier to crave healthier foods and the decision is up to you to consciously choose what goes in your body.

beauty cleanse 3

The juice cleanse is a little pricey …but I think it’s definitely worth it if you want a thorough detox and to get your health back on track. Especially so if you lead a busy life or don’t have a clue where to start! Because this cleanse is so convenient, palatable, fuss-free and guided…you won’t have any excuses haha! Would I do this again even if it wasn’t an advertorial? Hell yes I would! So a BIG thank you to Beauty Cleanse for helping me get back on track! =)

** BEAUTY CLEANSE is giving 10% OFF all Juice Cleanse Packages if you book during the month of October 2013!! Seize the opportunity and don’t close the door to good health! ***

To find out more about the Beauty Cleanse packages and prices, visit or check out thier facebook page here.


Juice Fast day 6 & 7


Day 6

Still high on energy today! Could feel that my skin was cleaner and I even used less foundation =) The day went pretty much like the previous 2 days, made the same juices at work and running on the healthy fuel. In the evening, I went to catch the Aerosmith concert at Gardens By the Bay. May I just add that it was one of the best live concerts I’ve been to!! Steven Tyler still has it and boy I was so amazed that at his age he can still reach those high notes and survive with such flamboyant stamina on stage. Back to topic, I was determined not to break my fast…left work at 6pm and drank a huge 1L worth of green juice to survive for the night. But the concert lasted longer than expected, I finally left Gardens By the Bay at 1130pm after hours of screaming, jumping and rubbing against sweaty bodies. Was soooo famished! My friends and I walked to the food court at Marina Bay Sands and everyone ordered supper. Sadly the fruit juice stall was closed and I was sooooo hungry that I caved. Ate an apple :(. Chewed it really slowly and it tasted like heaven. Oh well, I tried my best!

Day 7

Last day of my fast!! Woke up feeling really tired because of the concert, in fact, my body was actually aching like I did some sorta workout haha. I think today was probably one of the more challenging days during the fast because I was so tempted to eat (Esp after tasting that apple yesterday) and I had to keep reminding myself “ok, last day , almost there, hang in there”. So point to note, if you’re doing a juice fast, try not to eat anything inbetween because it makes it tempts your tastesbuds and makes it harder to stick to the fast thereafter. So glad I made it through the day and I can’t wait for tomorrow! Side track a little, met a few different groups of vegans and vegetarians at the cafe today…and it made my day! Really happy to get to know more like-minded people who share a similar passion for healthier food and conscious living=)



Can’t believe its been a week! I’m proud of myself for persevering through the whole week and sticking to the fast because this was a personal challenge that was really hard for me *pat on back!*

For me, this fast was as much a mental one as a physical one. It took alot of will power and exercising mind over matter to get through the week. With all that spare time on my hands from not preparing my normal meals, I learned to listen to my body more and a few truths about my eating habits and self began to surface. I realised that I’m a classic emotional eater. I don’t eat because I’m hungry…I eat because I’m happy, sad, excited, stressed…and worse of all, bored(gasp)! Some of my bad habits that I never noticed before- how I would involuntarily open the fridge each time I come home, how I NEED to have something to munch when I’m watching tv/shows, how I reach for an icy cold sweet drink after exercise… Funny how what started out as a juice fast became so much more.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to the fast. Here are some advs and disadvs of my fasting experience:

– High energy levels
– Weight loss (around 1.5kg)
– Clearer skin
– Mental clarity
– Better sleep
Another advantage was that my tastebuds have been “reset”. I read that when you’re on the fast, your system reboots itself and you start craving for natural whole foods. Like how I’m craving for fresh fruits and raw foods now!

– Constipation (No fibre perhaps? My coworker on the other hand went to the toilet daily while on the fast)
– Detox symptoms for the first few days…includes insomnia, lethargy and feeling like crap
– Fuzzy teeth
It also limits your social interaction (for me at least). I had to say NO to a few dinners because I didn’t want to make myself feel miserable and my friends feel too awkward over my fast.

Would I do this again? Definately! Who knows, maybe next time around, I may challenge myself to go for 10 days! Overall it has been a great detox expereince and I highly recommend everyone to give it a go! I don’t have the strongest will power, but if i can do it, im pretty sure you can too=) Also wanna thank everyone who has dropped me comments of encouragement throughout my fast….it has motivated me lots!

Now, for an early night and a brand new week tomorrow. Bye!

Juice fast day 5

 Day 5
Today was probably the toughest day of the challenge because I wanted to eat so badly! Something, anything! I wasn’t hungry, just missed chewing, tasting , munching. The very first thing that came to my mind was a juicy, red apple. Like you know, the one in the trailer for Desperate Housewives. To make it harder, I was making raw desserts at work today and it was TORTURE! =(( Had some leftover raw brownies and it took all the will power I had to push the plate away:(

I’m trying not to read my fav food blogs and scrolling through instagram too much because the food pics all look so good and make me miss making food! Can’ wait to get back in the kitchen to try out more recipes once the fast is over.

Physically, still feeling energised and alive. I lost a little bit of weight and feel like my steps are lighter haha. My teeth feel kinda funny though, like a metallic and fuzzy feel? Did some research and it seems like when you’re detoxifying your body, it dumps the waste on your tongue and teeth which is normal. You just need to brush more often. Oh and my skin feels good and I hope I’m not imagining it, but I sense a slight slow =))


Today’s juices
Juice 1 – 1/2 flask = 1/2 grapefruit, 2 oranges, 2 stalks celery, 20 cherry tomatoes, 1 1/2 cucumbers, 15g ginger, 1/2 lemon, 80g parsley, 1/2 red apple

Juice 2 – 1 flask = 500g spinach, 1 cucumber, 2 green apples, 1/2 green capsicum, 1/2 starfruit, 15g ginger, 1/2 lemon, 2 stalks celery, 80g parsley

Juice 3 – Green Eyed Monster (see Day 4)

Others : 1 glass concentrated cold orange juice and 1 glass coconut water

Oreo was curious about my new green friend… he tried to make friends. I gave him a little bit of green juice and he hated it hahaa..end of friendship there and then lol.


As i was doing my research, I was really amazed by the number of people who have done juice fasts and docummented it. Was really inspiring to read through thier blogs and get tips, inspiration and ideas!

Here are some of my favourites:

3 day juice fast – Alison (team member from Lauren Conrad’s blog)
4 day juice fastAlia Almoayed’s blog, where she posts a video on colon cleasing that is an eye opener!
7 day juice fastRory Freedman (author of Skinny Bitch) Gosh she is so funny and honest! I LOL-ed many times!
10 day juice fastEm from The Rawsome Vegan Life. One of my FAV bloggers EVERRRR
21 day juice fast – LOVED this post by Alex de Carvalho. It was so personal,insightful, well written and funny! Could relate to this post the most and I loved how he describes the juice fast as not just a rebooting of the body, but also of the mind and heart.
92 day juice fastSteve Pavlina (the first blog I read that inspired me to try out raw foods!) LOADS of info!

Juice fast day 4

Day 4
It was really hard for me to fall asleep last night. My mind was so active and alert. Finally fell asleep at 4am, after watching episodes of Revenge but woke up a few hours later at 9am today feeling refreshed and full of energy! And I was craving for…JUICE! Today’s my off day so I stayed home the whole day resting and finishing up the entire season of Revenge (awesome finale I must say!). Was intending to nap for a bit in the afternoon but I wasn’t even tried. Went for a light jog in the evening and though my muscles were tight because I haven’t exercised in a while, I felt like I could keep going on and on. Looks like my detox symptoms are subsiding and I’m finally reaping the benefits of the fast !


Juicing on a budget
Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and stopped by a juice counter at Ang Mo Kio to get some juice. I don’t really buy fruit juices outside and was appalled by the prices the juices were going for.

Here’s a rough idea of the price:

Apple + Beetroot+Carrot+ Ginger = S$5.50 (small cup with ice)
Cucumber + Kiwi + Apple = S$5 (small cup with ice)
Celery + Starfruit = S$3.50 (small cup with ice)
Orange juice = S$3
(Prices are all in Singapore dollars)

If you want to upsize your drink and have no ice, you add $0.50 accordingly. In the name of “research” I bought the first and third juice. Was really disappointed because the juices were so diluted! I finished my drink in like 5 min because the cup was mostly filled with ice =(

I don’t mind paying for quality juices, ingredients and food…but I feel that most juice counters (esp those in shopping malls) just milk you with sky high profit margins on their juices. Even those juice stalls in food courts with mediocre juices are getting more and more pricey!

Wanted to show how easy it is to make quality juices at home that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. All you need is a juicer and a fridge! So today, instead of making large pitcher of juices, I created 3 different small portions of juice. All packed with nutrients and all below…. S$5!! (All produce from NTUC. Price will differ if you go to different supermarkets. )

This juice contains many ingredients and its packed with loads of nutrients! Easy on the tastebuds too thanks to the sweetness from the orange and pear. Tomatoes, celery and grapefruit are also great liver cleansers.


3 stalks celery —— $0.40 ($1.55 per pack)
15 cherry tomatoes —— $1 (Around $2.20 for a pack)
1 pear —– $0.44 ($2.20 for 5)
1 orange —— $0.95 ($2.95 for 3.)
1 grapefruit (white) —— $0.60 ($1.80 for 3 on sale)
1 lemon —– $0.37 ($1.85 for 5)
Young ginger, small piece (roughly 1/3 of your pinky finger) —- $0.10 ($1.15 for 1pack)
1 pack parsley —– $0.80
½ cucumber —— $0.25 ($0.45 per cucumber)

 TOTAL : $4.91 (9 ingredients)
Makes 1 ½large glasses (no ice!)

You can’t go wrong with a whole bowl of greens! And hey, you can still stick to your budget when you buy organic vegetables. An alkaline juice, it contains lots of spinach which is excellent in iron, vitamin A, vitamin K and folate. If you find this juice too ‘green’ for you, simply add ½ an apple to it.


200g organic spinach —– $2.10 (1 pack)
40g organic pea sprouts —–$0.49 ($1.95 for a pack of 150g, around ¼ pack)
1 cucumber —— $0.45
1 pack parsley —– $0.80
½ lemon —— $0.19 ($1.85 for 5)
Young ginger, small piece (roughly 1/3 of your pinky finger) —- $0.10 ($1.15 for 1pack)
2 green apples —- $0.80 ($2 for 5)

TOTAL : $4.95 (7 ingredients)
Makes 11/2 large glasses (no ice!)

This juice is so deliciously sweet thanks to the grapes! I loved it so much, I made 2 portions. I diluted it with water and ice though. Grapes provide quick boost of energy, helps in anemia, supports skin ,kidney, liver functions and improves complexion! If having SKII worthy skin isn’t a great day, I don’t know what is haha


250g seedless red grapes —– $1.15 ( $3.35 for 745g or 1/3 pack)
1 grapefruit (white) —— $0.60 ($1.80 for 3 on sale)
15 cherry tomatoes —— $1 (Around $2.20 for a pack)
3 stalks celery —— $0.40 ($1.55 per pack)

TOTAL : $3.15 (4 ingredients)
Makes 1 large glass, and slightly more (no ice!)

Wow, halfway through my juice fast….THREE MORE DAYS!!!

Juice Fast Day 3

2013-05-21 14.20.51

Day 3

I was so exhausted yesterday I slept for 10 straight hours! Woke up feeling slightly more refreshed and lighter! My body took a while to ‘wake up’, was feeling tired and weak as I made my way to work but once I drank my first juice it perked me up and I had this amazing rush of adrenaline the whole day. Didn’t realise I was so active until a coworker commented that I was so full of energy. She was really nice and kept asking me if I wanted to take breaks because I wasn’t eating, but honestly, I really didn’t need to sit down!

Out of the 5 of us at work that started the fast, 3 dropped out of the fast today leaving me and just one more co-worker still in the race. I don’t blame them, it’s actually quite hard to stay on a fast if its your first time and you still have to go about your daily life. Even harder when you’re working in the kitchen! Though we work at one of Singapore’s healthiest kitchens, our staff lunch is quite the opposite haha. Our menu includes things like potato wedges, chicken wings, fried noodles etc….and with food like that at arm’s length, most people caved. Which also brings me back to how I gained so much weight since I started work! I would sneak in a sweet potato wedge here or there (because we have the best wedges ever!)…before i knew it, one piece led to 10 pieces. I was also consuming ALOT of raw desserts – at work and at home. The main ingredient for most raw desserts include high calorie food like nuts, dates and coconut; and a slice of raw cake, though healthier than a normal cake, can contain just as many calories…sometimes even more! SO moral of the story – Don’t eat too much of anything, even the seemingly healthy stuff!

Anyway, back to the fast, there were a few moments today where I caught myself thinking “Can I do this”, “Why am I doing this” etc;…but to motivate myself, I try not to think about what I’m giving up, instead I try to think about what I’ll gain from this. Plus blogging about the fast also helps because I feel accountable to you guys reading this =)


Today’s juices

 Juice 1- Ruby Red (see day 1) but i only made 3/4 pitcher

 Juice 2- Dirty Green : 3/4 pitcher = 1 green apple, 20g parsley, small piece of beet root, 1 carrot, 450g kailan, 15g ginger, 1/3 green capsicum, 1 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 lemon

 Juice 3- One glass of carrot + orange

 Juice 4- One glass of celery + starfruit

 Others – TWG Japanese Sencha Herbal Green Tea & 2 glasses of coconut water

As promised, here’s the JUICE FAST FAQ PART II

1) How much juice should I drink a day?

It depends on you, but you should minimally consume 1 Gallon (3.7L) of juice a day. Do make sure 80% of it is green juice, not simply fruit juices though! Oh and do drink as much water as juice.

2) Do I need to buy organic produce?

Its recommended to do so since you’re consuming it raw. Plus, your body is detoxifying itself, so why add additional pesticides for it to rid off? But when $$ is a factor, you might not be able to buy everything organic as its quite a strain on the wallet. I make it compulsory to buy my vegetables organic but am abit more lax when it comes to fruits. Check out this chart below on the best and worse food to buy organic and non-organic.

3) Do I need to peel the skin off all the fruits and vegetables before I juice? Can I juice the skins of citrus fruits?

I tend to peel off the skin for most of my fruits and vegetables especially if they are non organic so that i reduce my consumption of toxic chemicals. And also to get rid of wax! Esp so for cucumbers (urgh bitter taste!), carrots, celery and apples.


4) Will I get sufficient nutrients when I’m fasting?

I’m not a doctor in this field so its a little hard to advice, but personally, i still take my supplements when I’m fasting to make sure I’m not lacking in any nutrients or vitamins. I take Spirulina tablets every morning (B12 !!) and a multivitamin.

5) Can I exercise during the fast?

You can do light exercise during the fast. The definition of light exercise is probably different for everyone based on their active level, so the most important thing is to listen to your body and don’t overexert yourself. in Don’t try to be hero and train for a marathon during your fast!

6) I have no time to fast! Any tips on fasting when you’re super busy??

You can pack your ingredients the night before (wash, sliced, chopped) so all you need to do is juice when you wake up! Wake up slightly earlier the day you’re juicing and juice produce of high water content to get more liquid.

Fellow instagrammer and blogger Lynsey (@Freakyfreaky) asked if we can freeze the juice. I did some research and some people do that but the tricky part is freezing it immediately after juicing without letting any oxygen get in. Would still recommend that if you’re freezing the juice, just keep the frozen juice for not more than a day – say juice at night and defrost it the next morning. After all, no use drinking juice if the nutrients have been oxidised right!

7) Who should not be fasting?

If you’re pregnant, nursing or have a serious health condition, its advisable not to fast. Or at least check with your doctor before you do.

8) What can I do with my excess juice pulp?

Don’t throw your pulp away! There’s so much you can do with it! I normally freeze my pulp so that I can make raw bread or crackers. If you’re not into such things, you can do your part for the earth by reusing them as compost or give them to your pets.

9) I don’t think I can do a full juice fast, can I do something easier?

If you’re not ready to jump head first into a juice fast, you can always start by replacing one meal with a large green juice. Would definitely recommend breakfast as it’s always good to have juice on an empty stomach. For the rest of the day, you can opt to eat more fruits and lots of greens whilst staying away from anything processed, fried or with too much salt.

Read Part 1 of my Juice Fast FAQs here . And tomorrow (oops, i mean later,…gasp!) I’ll be writing on how to juice on a budget! Stay tuned =)

Juice Fast Day 2

ready set juiceDay 2
I’ve read some juice fast testimonies and many people seem to feel refreshed and energised on day 2. Welllll, its my second day but contrary to what I’ve read, I feel more tired than ever! Was a torture getting out of bed and I was struggling to keep awake while driving to work. I literally felt WEAK. surprisingly I didn’t really feel hungry, just tired. Worked at a much slower pace today, luckily the restaurant wasn’t crowded. Drank lots of water to stay hydrated, as a result, had to visit the toilet to pee every hour lol. S My coworker was also feeling freaking weak today, and managed to get through my 8hr shift by us joking and laughing about our mental and physical state. Went for hot yoga after work with a friend. nearly DIED! So there’s this pose where you just lie on the mat with your eyes closed and arms by your side. I FELL ASLEEP, even drooled a little. Luckily i didn’t snore!! It was so embarrassing but luckily no one noticed ><!!

Today’s juices

Juice 1 – Ruby Red (same as day 1)
Juice 2 – Mean Green (same as day 1)
Tea break – 1 large glass coconut water
Juice 3 – Cucumber + celery + green apple + carrot
Other – Chamomile tea

Changed the order of my juice because I’ve learnt that you should take your high sugar juices in the morning to kickstart your day and also so that your body can burn off the calories throughout.

I know i promised to write about FAQs part 2, but I’m the girl who just fell asleep and drooled in yoga class, so cut me some slack hehehe…I promise I shall continue that portion tomorrow!

Before I end, just wanted to share a little about detox symptoms and why we experience them. Lifted this paragraph off Raw Food Life’s website

“Feeling Worse Before You Feel Better.


When you first start a raw food program, especially with juicing, your body finally has a chance to get rid of some of the toxins it has been holding onto for years or decades. In addition, you probably stopped getting your daily “fix” such as coffee, tea, or chocolate. So a variety of symptoms might occur. You may experience headaches or migraines, for example. Some people feel like they have a cold or the flu. You may feel weak and exhausted. This happens when your new healthier body discards the stored up toxins like caffeine or theobromine from your tissues and dumps them in your bloodstream for disposal. Until now, your immune system and elimination systems couldn’t keep up with the toxic intake you had daily from cooked food. When you consumed more toxins than you could eliminate, the rest got stored in your body, usually surrounded by fat cells to protect the body (one of the reasons some people get overweight). Now that your toxic intake is LESS than your body can eliminate, it can start eliminating those old stored-up toxins. This leads to better health as well as some weight loss. However, at first it can make you feel sick, because all those toxins in your bloodstream suddenly are just like an attack of a virus or infection, and your immune system may react to them in the same way. It is a natural thing and is OK.

When you have these symptoms, do not give up. Your body is going through a healing and cleansing process, which on average can take from one week to maybe 3 or 4 weeks, depending on the toxicity level in your body. Take this time to rest, and look forward to improved health and energy health ahead. ( i sure hope it doesn’t take that long.,…)

You can check out this link on juice fast detox symptoms too!

2 days down, 5 more to go. I CAN DO THIS I CAN I CAN!!

Juice Fast Day 1

Hello there, today I started the first day of my juice fast! For the next 7 days, I’m going to try to give a comprehensive rundown about my juice fast – my recipes, detox symptoms, FAQs, cravings, feelings, important notes etc…people normally freak out when they hear the word “fast” and I guess that’s a pretty normal reaction. But I hope that my next few posts will change some of your minds and even motivate you to start on one yourself!


OVerall, I felt really tired today. Am not sure if its because I only slept for 4 hours last night or because I didn’t consume solid food. In fact, I was so tired that i fell asleep on the bus, missed my stop and took it all the way to the bus interchange. I finally woke to an empty bus and an angry bus driver shouting at me to get off. FML hahhaa.. So I’m gonna sleep really early tonight and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to give an unbias evaluation of the day.
Though tired, was very motivated today. Managed to get through the whole day with 3 different delicious juices (recipes below) and it really helped that my co-workers were in it with me! Its really helpful to have a support group especially when you work in a kitchen and you’re surrounded by FOOD =S

I plan to make 3 types of juices a day. 2 large pitches at work, and a small glass at home/on the go


Juice 1 – Mean Greenie
1 pitcher = 1/2 green capsicum, 450g kailan, 15g ginger, 2 stalks of celery with the leaves , 1/2 peeled lemon , 1 large cucumber, 60g parsley, 2 green apples


Juice 2 – Ruby Red
1 pitcher = 5 carrots, 1/2 beetroot, 2 stalks of celery with the leaves, 1/2 peeled lemon, 2 red apples, 15g ginger, 60g parsley


Juice 3 – Citrus Punch
1 Mason Jar (1 1/2 cups) = 1 white grapefruit, 1 small orange, 2 stalks of celery with the leaves, 3 small strawberries, 8 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 large cucumber

REBOOT YOUR LIFE  Before I started my fast, I did some research on juice fasting and here are some FAQs that you may be interested to know. Shall break up the FAQs into 2 parts and continue the rest in tomorrow’s post=) Just a short disclaimer, I’m not a nutritionist and the below FAQs are written through research and personal expereince=)


1) Benefits of a juice fast
Just to name a few:
Weight loss
Improved and glowing complexion
Cleansed and regulated colon
Increased mental clarity
Increased energy levels
Resets your taste buds (loss of craving for unhealthy food. FOR REAL)
Strengthen immunity
LIver cleansing

2) How long should I go on a juice fast?
It really depends on you and how much you want to challenge yourself. You can start off slow with a 3 day fast first like what I did just to know what to expect. And later on you may want to try again for a longer duration. Of course, the longer the fast, the more thorough the cleanse=) The most important thing is to have a positive attitude! If you go into the fast thinking you won’t be able to do it, you sure as hell wont complete it.

3) How should I prepare for a fast?
You’ll need to prepare your body for a fast….lest your body gets a shock. WHAT? WHERE ARE MY MEALS? Its best to eat lightly and consume mostly fresh fruits and vegetables 2 – 3 days leading up to the fast. Some people also begin their fast with a self administered enema or by taking a natural laxative to cleanse thier colon. That’s recommended but optional of course.

4) What can I and can’t I drink?
Going on a juice fast doesn’t mean you can drink all sorts of juices. Firstly, you should only drink FRESH juice. Nothing concentrated and nothing that comes from a packet, bottle or off the shelf (i don’t care how much the label claims its “REAL JUICE”). Secondly, 70= 80% of your juices should be vegetable juices. Veggie juices are low in sugar, gives you the nutrients you need and helps to alkalize your body. Fruit juices on the other hand are tasty but extremely high in sugar. They spike your blood sugar and give you a natural energy boost after you drink it…but you tend to get hungry and tired more easily after that. An easy way would be to make sure each glass you make contains 70-80% veges and around 20% fruit to sweeten it out. Read more about the benefits of Green Juices here.

I also have to emphasize on HYDRATION. Drink Lots and LOts of water! Your body is detoxifying, expelling old toxins, throwing them temporarily into the bloodstream for it to be eliminated and you’ll need water to flush out all these the toxins. I like to dilute my juices with water or add lots of ice cubes. Other than plain water, you can also drink coconut water, fruit infused water and herbal teas.

5) How should I store my juice?
Its best to store your juice in a mason jar or glass jar. A mason jar is the best choice because its gauranteed to keep the juice sealed for freshness. Storing a juice properly is important because it ensures it’s freshness, it’s flavor, and even more importantly to help retain its nutritional value as long as possible. You may want to add lemon juice in your juices because it helps to keep your juice fresh by slowing down the oxidation process. I use a mason jar & a glass jar – Bought my mason jar at The Living Cafe (haha where else?) for $11.90 (middle size) and my glass jar from IKEA. Keep your juices refrigerated immediately if you plan to store them.

6) How long can I store my juice for?
It best to drink your juices immediately as it is the freshest and most nutrient dense. ASAP! However, if you’re making large batches to store, I personally wouldn’t recommend storing for more than 12 hours. I’ve read on some websites that you can store fresh juices for up to 3 days…but seriously now, how fresh can that get?

Part 2 continues tomorrow!

Starting a Juice Fast

Two weeks ago, I watched a show called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead that inspired me to try out a juice fast.


Its bascially about how this guy Joe who was fat and unhealthy decided to make a positive change for himself by embarking on a 60 days juice fast to cure himself. I know right,….60 DAYS WITHOUT SOLID FOOD!! SAY WHAT?! But this turned out to be the best thing he did for himself…he not only juiced his way back to good health, but also inspired thousands of people around the world! Joe actually looks quite the hunk now hahah. I encourage EVERYONE and ANYONE to please watch this show and spread the word

Watch the trailer here

I was one of those inspired fans. Thought I wasn’t fat, sick and nearly dying , I was so pumped to give juicing a shot after watching it.

It was my first time committing to doing a juice fast and I didn’t really know what to expect. In fact, when I went to the supermarket to get groceries, I spent almost an hour and a half there because I was trying to figure out my portioning! I lasted 4 days on the fast…before I gave way to my cravings haha. But not too shabby for a first try!

Even though the fast only lasted for 4 days, I was already reaping the benefits of it. On my third day, I SWEAR my skin was glowing and I felt so light and energetic. And I’ve been hoping to complete a longer fast since then – to challenge myself and also experience more benefits of a longer detox. You see, since I came back from my travels and started my new job, I’ve actually been eating alot of junk (yes vegan food can be junk too) and have put on quite a bit of weight =((( More on that on my next post.

Anyway, It so happened that one of my colleagues at the restaurant also watched the movie…and started his juice fast recently too! A few days ago We started talking, one thing lead to another and we managed to rally 3 more of our other colleagues to go on a group juice fast together! We’ll be starting the fast tomorrow for 7 days and I’m excited to begin!

Am determined to complete a full 7 day fast this time round. Have cleared my schedule for the next 7 days so that I don’t have much social commitments and will be blogging about my daily experience here. What I drink, side effects, benefits, cravings…basically everything!

So join me on my 7 day juice fast! Whether you’re starting one yourself, or just keen to find out first hand what its like.

Wish me luck!