September – Product Round Up

September has been a truly awesome month! It’s my birthday month and I’ve been so blessed to receive so many gifts from family and friends. And since most of my gifts are related to food and equipment for my raw food lifestyle, I’d say my loved ones know me very well! 😀

My lovely poly friends got me a huge box of goodies and some food products from iherb! I have shamelessly gone to dug up the prices (prices in SGD* but may fluctuate depending on exchange rate):

Kelp Noodles


I’ve heard so much about kelp noodles and its staple in many other raw foodist’s diets and have been very keen to try this. I very un-subtlety hinted to my friends that I wanted this haha! Kelp noodles are made out of kelp (a sea vegetable) into the form of an easy to eat noodle. Kelp noodles are fat-free, gluten-free, low in carbs and calories. One packet contains 3 servings…and each serving is only 6 calories! You can eat this 100% raw too.

When I first removed it from the packet and tried it, I really hated it. It was chewy and had this strange bitter taste and I was so disappointed. So I decided to add it to my salad and mix in a walnut-miso sauce. I allowed it to marinate for around 1 hr and was surprised to see that the texture of the noodles had softened. Taste why, thank heavens, there was no more bitter taste as it absorbed the flavour from the vegetables and sauce. I kept half the bowl over night and the next day, the noodles were even softer and tastier. Woohoo, so excited to use this is many more recipes to come…best of all, it tastes like glass noodles which is one of my favs!

Price: $5
Where Price: to buy : See here.

Go Raw! Chocolate Super Cookies

super cookies

To be honest, when I first opened this packet, the bite size “cookies” reminded me a similar dog treat that I bought for oreo haha! I actually quite like this but beware it has a very strong coconut taste so if you’re not a fan of coconut you should avoid this. I think a MAHJOORRR plus point is the price! The Go RAW! Products are really expensive in Singapore…and I’ve seen this being sold for around $9.90 at one of the leading organic food stores.

Price: $5.40
Where to buy : See here.

Go Raw! Live Granola Bars (10 bars)


These granola bars are made with organic sprouted grains and seeds and I love that it’s not very sweet. Also love that it’s nut-free! But my family preferred the super cookies to this because they thought it tasted too healthy. The bar is rather flat, and I can probably finish it within 5 mouthfuls so it’s an ideal snack if you’re looking for something light and healthy to munch on. Definitely beats the conventional sugar filled bars they sell outside. Oh and each bar is only 70 calories woohoo.  I’ve been munching on these after yoga class for the past week !

Price : $13.38 for a box of 10 bars
Where to buy:  See here.

Artisana Cacao Bliss Raw Chocolate Coconut Butter


What can I say. Chocolate + Coconut butter? Matchmade in heaven! I’m a huge fan of the Artisana range but its deliriously expensive in our local stores (almost twice as ex)…so glad its available online. I like to add a TBS of the cacao coconut butter to my “raw” banana ice cream. Sometimes I also add in lucuma powder, almond butter etc …tastes great!

Price : $11.20
Where to buy : See here.

21st Century Health Care Sentry, Multivitamin & Multimineral Supplements


Multi vitamins – important for vegans because we might not get sufficient vitamins like B12 and D.

Price : $12.05 for 300 tablets
Where to buy : See here.

Mason Jars with Lids (pk-6)

20131001_230428 20131001_230446

My siblings got me a very sensible present – mason jars! I think I hog too many of the containers and jars at home haha. Love the size because its not too big and fits just nice in the lower end compartment of my fridge. I’ve been using this to store all my food stuff like sauces, nut butters, soaked seeds etc. I previously mentioned to my sister that the mason jar lids seem to rust easily (does this happen to any of you too?). Not sure if its because of the humidity in Singapore or? But anyway, she got me a set of 12 lids too! So do head to Howards Storage World if you’re looking for Mason Jars in Singapore because the prices are so reasonable.

Price:  JARS : $21.95 – $24.95 (depending on size)

            LIDS :  $8.95 (w/o ring) $9.95 (with ring)
Where to buy : Howards Storage World

Oh and my dear siblings made  me a pineapple raw fruit boat as a cake substitute. How clever! On my birthday night, we had a fruit feast….and no fruit feast is ever complete without DURIAN! First time trying the Butter Pahang durian and it is……………….FREAKINGDELICUOUS!

IMG-20130906-WA0020 IMG-20130906-WA0000

Paderno Spiralizer


Ahh another new toy for my kitchen collection. I’ve been making lots of entrees of spiralized zucchini/beetroot/carrot noodles lately (so sorry deserts!) because its so much fun. This spiralizer works like a breeze and it can also make different shapes.

Here are some of the dishes I took pics of: The first is carrot & beet root noodles with pumpkin seed dressing/ the second is a very delicious creamy avocado + hemp zuchinni pasta. raw carrot and beetroot noodles with pumpkin seed dressing

avocado and hemp creamy zuchinni pasta

Price: Around $50 plus (including shipping )
Where to buy : Amazon

Sedona Raw Food Dehydrator.


Last but not least, here’s my birthday pressie to myself! Happy 27th birthday me! It has been such an amazing year…I’ve taken many leaps of faith, travelled, met so many new people and encountered difficult and challenging circumstances that have made me stronger and more humble. Kinda at the crossroads now, but I trust that God will lead me through this=)

Okay, enough of my self reflection. Currently I have an ezi dri snack dehydrator – though it works fine, its well, for snacks. I wanted something more professional and to suit my raw foods lifestyle. Did some research and narrowed down my choices to the Sedona brand and Excalibur Dehydrator. Will talk about the Sedona Dehydrator in a  separate post because there’s too much to write. But for now, I must say that I LOVEEEEE it! Have been putting it to good use almost every day! Plus it looks so sleek and sexyyy =)

Price : $699 (excluding mesh trays and sheets)
Where to find : Tott store

Till the next product update…meanwhile, I hope that you have an amazing last quarter of 2013!