Welcome to a very belated 2014!


2014 Hi everyone,

YIKES it has been more than a month since I last blogged! So sorry for the lack of posts and here’s a very very belated HAPPY 2014! Technically, the Chinese New Year just passed so it IS the New Year (haha okok enough excuses!) I’ve been busy settling into my new job and adjusting back to the 9-5 lifestyle. Got into a bout of writers block but I gave myself an ultimatium to write today, so I set down and penned 4 posts! Will publish them over the next few days=)

Today’s post is going to be a personal reflection – but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.

2013 was such a challenging year but it was nothing short of amazing. I pushed myself to do and try many different things and like the quote says, “life happens at the end of your comfort zone”.

I worked in a raw food kitchen, was a raw pastry chef for a while, met so many new vegan/ vegetarian friends at home and abroad, travelled for ¼ of the year, immersed myself in new cultures and flavours, hit over 1,000 likes on instagram, had my first blog sponsor, filmed a feature for a TV programme about raw foods, sold my first raw cake, printed my first name card and witnessed many of my good friends get hitched=) I couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences, memories and lessons learnt in 2013. A big thank you to all my readers too! Sometimes, I’m surprised people actually read my blog haha so you have no idea how much it means to receive  lovely emails and encouraging comments. And to also have met some of you in person!

2014 is a brand new year – and because i’m so near the end of my twenties, I’ve penned down a few Resoltuions + bucket list items to complete before i hit the big THREE OH

Visit my grandparents regularaly . Travel to at least 10 new cities. Learn to dive. Say YES to more things that scare me . Say NO to more things that don’t matter. Continue cooking. Bungee. Parasail. Pick-up spanish. Re-learn the guitar . Give thanks daily. Get my teeth fixed. Have my own raw food range. Spread the Raw food love. to finally do a split in yoga class. learn photoshop. volunteer. live overseas. learn to cook vegetarian dishes from my grandma. Read widely. and…BLOG REGULARLY!

What are your 2014 resolutions or goals? WOuld love to hear them!  Leaving you with one of my favourite quotes…Here’s to an amazing 2014 together


ps. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all fellow chinese peeps!


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