Vines & Roots : Vegan, Organic products


Hi All,

I’m very excited to be doing my first product review today! And I’m happy to share that the products are 100% organic, vegan and environmentally friendly!

Just a little bit about Vines and Roots-

vines and roots

Vines and Roots is an online store selling organic and natural skincare products imported from South Africa. The owner, who is Singaporean, was living in South Africa for a bit and she enjoyed using the products so much that she decided to make them available here! The 3 main brands available on their website are – The Victorian Garden, Africa Organics and Pure Beginnings. All products from the 3 brands are 100% natural, not tested on animals, without synthetic preservatives and are rapidly biodegrable. Isn’t that great? 

Vines and Roots sent me a few different products from the 3 brands and I’ve selected my top 3 must haves from the lot! Here they are:

1)      Rosemary and Sweet Orange Hand Cream  – $16
The Victorian Garden (Vegan)

rosemary and orange hand cream

This has got to be my favourite product among all the products I’ve tried! First, let me start with a disclaimer. I’m a huge fan of hand creams and am the kind of person who buys more than I can use. The result is lots of half used tubes of hand creams (oops!) haha.



Light and non greasy, well absorbed!

This hand cream is a little different from the typical hand cream I normally use. When I first applied it, I thought the smell wasn’t as strong and a little antiseptic. But after a few applications, I really grew to LOVE the citrus scent of the rosemary and sweet orange – light but uplifting. I think we’re all so used to heavily perfumed creams that we sometimes find natural products too bland. I also like that the cream isn’t sticky and very easily absorbed. The Shea Butter and Wheatgerm ingredients help to nourish my hands and they feel moisturized and soft even after a long while. I’ve let my friends try this product and so far, its gotten a big thumbs up =)

2)      Body Lotion with Kalahari Melon Soap  – $16
Africa Organics(Vegan)

kalahari melon body lotion

My other fav product is the Body Lotion. I don’t mean to scare you but I have very dry legs…my skin gets very scaly and flaky and sometimes even bleeds when I don’t properly moisturize. The result of neglecting to apply sunblock when I was younger and doing alot of outdoor sports =(  To see if this body lotion was really effective, I specifically applied it on my legs for this post.

melon body cream

The tube is small – only 200ml, but Woon ( the owner) had told me that because the ingredients are so pure and potent, I didn’t actually need to apply a large quantity. And true enough, I’m still using the tube even after 1 month plus of daily application. What I love about this product is the refreshing smell of the melon, the non-greasy feel and most of all, the fact that my legs are much more hydrated throughout the day!  After consistently applying it, I do find that my skin is less scaly and looks more healthy.  Read up and found out that the Kalahari Melon has high Omega 6 and Phytosterol levels which give it strong moisturizing, restructuring and anti-aging properties. Definitely something I would buy again for myself and for others.

3)     Shea Butter Handmade Soap (baby+adult) – $8
The Victorian Garden (Vegan)

shea butter

I chose to write about this product because it surprised me the most. I don’t have a habit of using bars of soap because I’ve always had a fear that it was dirty…but I decided to give it a try. The first thought that came to my mind when I used it was…”wow, I feel so ….clean”. Seriously haha! And despite that, it was gentle on my skin and my skin didn’t feel dry. What I also liked was that this soap was hand made (I’m a sucker for anything hand made) and its so affordable!

I think it took me a while to get used to using soap bars but I can see why people would want to. Way before we had bottles and pumps, soaps were the original cleansers. Its cheaper, uses less packaging and can last for a long time. For those who have kids, you’ll notice that this soap is suitable for both adults and babies. Think that really says alot about the gentleness and quality of the ingredients used.

Do check out the Vines and Roots website for their whole range of products – besides skin, hair and body products, they also have other items such as mosquito repellents, tooth pastes, lip balms,  massage oils, baby products (SUPER cute graphics which I’m so getting for my friend’s kid!!) and Gift Packs just in time for Christmas! Great that the prices are all very affordable too=)

Promotion: Specially for Eat Green Cake readers, get 10% off all products from now till 16 Dec 203! Simply key in the voucher code : “Sharethejoy” when you make your purchase=)


Last but not least, a but THANK YOU to Vines and Roots because its been such fun and so beneficial using your products!


2 thoughts on “Vines & Roots : Vegan, Organic products

  1. Dear Sheryl,

    I’m glad you enjoyed our products and loved your take on your top 3, written with much heart. Here’s wishing you, your loved ones and readers an amazing festive season 2013!

    Best wishes,

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