Going 801010 – Day 1 to 10 and FAQS

Hi All,

Sorry for the lack of posts! Been extremely busy last week – running errands, interviews, catching up with friends and preparing something exciting for Eat Green Cake *hint hint*! And erm I’ve also be binge watching the entire season 5 of Breaking Bad….How awesome is the finale?? ALL HAIL WALTER WHITE!

Anyway wanted to write about how the first 10 days of going 80/10/10 has been. I have to be honest here; I was pretty diligent for the first 5 days….but not so much the next 5 days because of the long weekend and social obligations.



(picture from Fully Raw Krisztina)

The first few days were actually quite a breeze for me because I LOVE fruit. I ate as much fruit as and when I wanted. I also made light salads when I started craving food that wasn’t so sweet. On the 5th day, I started getting a very bad migraine. Wasn’t sure if it was because I wasn’t sleeping well or because the detox effects were kicking in. Either way, it went away on day 6 because I started to eat non-raw food. I think I’ll have to go on the 801010 on a longer period before I can give you a more accurate account of my experience.

Even though I’ve went off track the past couple of days, I’ve started gearing up again on Wednesday! That’s also something I’d like to address when it comes to fasts and detoxes. If you fail and fall off the bandwagon, the most important thing is not to give up, be discouraged. I know of friends (and myself too) who have gone on fasts and detoxes only to break their streak by giving in to their cravings midway….and then deciding “what the heck, since I’ve already broken the fast, might as well just eat what I like”. Hey, its not the end of the world if you have a cheat meal. No biggie, just pick yourself up and continue where you left off!

I’ve compiled a few common questions about going on a Low Fat Raw Vegan lifestyle:


What do you eat on a daily basis

I start of the day with a LARGE jar of green smoothie, normally made with a bananas, a sweet/citrus fruit and organic vegetables. Try an easy combination of  2 ripe frozen bananas + flesh of 1 mango + 1 cup of organic baby spinach + 1 cup cold water.  Lunch is normally a salad with only lemon juice as a dressing. Dinner will be a fruit platter of my favourite fruits. In between meals, I also munch on, you guessed it, more fruits!

So … I can eat as much as I want?

The 801010 diet claims that you can eat unlimited amounts of fruits each day and still lose weight  and hit your nutritional intake *gasp*!  Sounds too good to be true? Well I’ve tried, tested it out, and did abit more research…..and yes its too good to be true. The 801010 diet is ideal for endurance athletes because of the high amounts of carbs consumed. But even if you’re not an Olympic runner, you can still follow this diet as long as you keep active. So you can eat alot of fruit but you need to make sure you set aside time for exercise. For my first 5 days of the 801010 diet I actually put on weight *sob* because I didn’t have time to exercise

Are there any side effects?

Some side effects from going such a detox include

–       Migraines, Flu like symptoms, pimples, lethargy, body ache etc

It’s pretty common because its your body’s way detoxifying itself by getting rid of all the piled up toxins inside you. Do read this article that will do a much better job at explaining. Note that side effects vary from person to person.

 What is a mono- meal and must I eat this way?

Eating a mono meal meals eating ONE fruit per meal …and normally its a large portion of that one fruit. The reason behind eating a mono meal is simple – different fruits take different amount of time to digest. And eating the same fruit actually makes it simpler and less complicated for your body to digest the food since it doesn’t need to sort them out. A 80/10/10 lifestyle highly encourages you consume mono meals to aid digestion.

* This is something I struggle with because I love variety! Am not sure how people are able to eat 6 – 8 bananas in one go…because I sure as hell can’t. But I’m trying to pace my eating by consuming smaller amounts of one fruit each time, giving it some time to digest , then eating a different fruit.  Or simply blend 3 – 4 bananas in a go for a yummy smooothie!

How do I get enough calories from just mainly fruits?

– You will definitely need to consume more to hit your calorie intake. I recommend that you start off the day with a HUGE smoothie – my typical smoothie contains at least 600 – 700 calories. Its easily digestible, gives you the energy to start off your day and helps if you’re not used to eating large amounts of fruit. Sometimes I have a smoothie for diner too! I also downloaded the Cron-0-meter app on android to track the amount of calories I’m getting so as not to under-eat. This app is pretty awesome! It not only tracks your calorie intake but also tracks if you are getting enough of your daily nutrients. See the screen shot I took. Another tip, try to exercise in the morning so it kick starts your appetite and metabolism for the day. I also eat more during the day when I do yoga in the morning.

Even though the diet suggests that you eat as much fruit as you want, I also think you should not take that as a green light to stuff your face with fruit every living second. The most important thing is to find a balance between listening to your body, making sure you get enough calories and doing some exercise.

Should I take supplements?

In Dr Graham’s book, he deosn’t recommend taking additional supplements because fruits and exercise should adequately provide the important nutrients that we need. But I do beg to differ. After looking at my Cron-o-meter chart for the first 5 days, its kinda obvious that I don’t consume any Vitamin B12 or D. So I still take my regular Vit B and Multi Vit supplements.


Is eating 801010 expensive?

For me, its actually pretty much the same as my High Fat Raw Food lifestyle. I spend ALOT on raw nuts, sweeteners, superfoods etc…now I just transfer to cost to fruits! I don’t buy very expensive fruits either. My staples are bananas, papayas, apples, dragon fruit and oranges. I try to buy fruits that are on sale too – like berries or those really ripe ones because it tastes great in smoothies!

One way to help you lessen the cost is to plan your meals. I find that when I don’t plan my meals, especially when I’m outside, I have to buy the most available option and that’s usually costly. (Seriously the cost of fruits in town are crazy!)

Is eating 801010 too restrictive?

I wont’ deny, it is. I’ve heard everything from “wow you’re so extreme”/ “ How do you enjoy life?”to “Why make life so difficult?”…. haha. I really think this is a personal choice –  finding the right lifestyle that suits you and having fun with it.  I’ve also learnt to be flexible and choose the next best option when the time calls for it.

Can I eat dried or dehydrated fruits?

In Dr Graham’s book, he discourages eating too much dried and dehydrated food because these are no longer whole foods. I still take a handful here and there…am not super strict on this myself.

Will share more in the coming days!


3 thoughts on “Going 801010 – Day 1 to 10 and FAQS

  1. B12 is produced inside the body & D12 is actually synthesized from sunlight. Just so you know.

    Also, your weight gained is due to every 1g of carbs needing to hold 3g water in the body. Weight might go up slightly but your measurements, which are what really matter, will go down. It’s is very inefficient for the body to convert excess carbohydrates to fat and because of this there is a thermic effect produced by carbohydrates.


    I’m not 801010 myself but I do follow that macro nutrient ratio on a high carb low fat diet and it works wonders. Keep it up.

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