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This past year, there have been many new vegetarian and vegan cafes/restaurants that have opened in Singapore….but most of them are located in the west ( think Onaka, Frunatic, Vegzilla etc).  So I was really excited when I found out that CERA, the newest veg cafe on the block, opened in the north! Weee, pretty near my place too!


Step into the cafe and you’ll be engulfed by a whole lot of green – from the mural on the wall to the interior and furniture.  I’m guessing its inspired by the chef’s love for the herbivore eating dinosaur, the Triceratops (which is also the mascot for the cafe) and the plant based diet the cafe promotes. By the way, I find thier mascot really CUTE!

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CERA is an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian cafe with quite a few vegan-friendly options. The menu is western-fusion  as they give familiar local Singaporean dishes a interesting vegetarian spin. Some interesting dishes include as the Yong Tau Fu salad, Rojak Salad, Pizza John (take on Roti John), Ba chor mee (minced “pork” noodles) and “Oyster” omelette. Oh and they also have a full range of Vegan beers & ciders too!

Here are some of the items we tried:

Ratatouille – Love the rosti but not the ratatouille. Think my vegetables were a little undercooked:( This was part of the lunch set menu which only cost $10.90 nett for a main, a drink and a dessert. Very affordable eh!


So smelly it hurts! Petai Salad – I didn’t try this because I’m not a Petai fan but my friends who did really liked it! So i guess it must be pretty good


Laksa Pizza – This pizza was hugeeee and very good! The crust texture was like prata but I really liked it. The seasoning and toppings (like tau pok and bean sprouts) really reminded me of laksa too. CERA

Stack Up! – Pandan crepes layered with avocado puree, sautéed coconut and gula melaka suace— a version of Kueh da dar (a malay kueh). I don’t really like malay kuehs because it can be too sweet and fried…but luckily for this dish, the fresh avocado puree balanced out the sweetness. Wish the portion was larger though.


Vegan Chocolate cake with Vanilla Ice Cream – There were a few vegan cakes available and we had the chocolate one. I like that the cake was not too overly sweet and that it is really value for money. This large slice only costs around $6.50. Will definitely go back to try more!


Vegan Waffles with Ice Cream and Gula Melaka sauce – Sorry to say but the waffles were quite disappointing. It was more like a crepe because it was so thin. Brownice still wins hands down for best vegan waffles in town.


Vegan ice cream from Brownice!


Overall, there were a few hit and misses for me but I’m still going to go back again because there were some signature dishes I didn’t get to try! Plus, I’m still thinking about the pizza haha.  I always find it tricky when chefs and restaurants try to recreate local dishes or try to make it fine dining (like seriously? i just don’t get that) ….but I think CERA should be applauded for daring to give a vegetarian spin on these dishes and at the same time, keeping it real and not going overboard. Plus, we should always support our local vegan scene and keep it growing =)

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906M Upper Thomson Road
Tel: +65 6554 2372

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm-11pm Friday-Saturday: 12pm-2am
Sunday: 12pm-11pm
Monday: Closed



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