August – Product Round Up

Hey all,

Sorry for the late round up of buys in August. This month’s buys are all from London, but I’ve added a few alternatives if you want to find them in Singapore too. Here we go:



Am quite in love with the Linswood range of superfood products. There are so many different types combinations of milled flax seeds to choose from in the range – from flax+goji+cacao to flax+sesame+sunflower+goji and more. Great for smoothies, breakfast toppings, salad toppings etc. I chose the one with Vitamin D and Biocultures because its the combination I’m least able to make at home.

Where to find : Holland & Barrett stores in UK / Singapore (only selected products)



I haven’t tried this yet but I’m excited to! I’ve tried raw onion bread, raw beetroot & carrot bread….but never broccoli bread! Plus its the equivalent of mini square pizza so I’m looking forward to making a delicious raw pizza with this as the base.

Where to find : Planet Organic & Whole food stores (London)



While we have no lack of nut and seed butters in Singapore, I just had to buy one bottle back because the prices in UK are like 30 – 40 % lower! OO and among all seed butters, pumpkin seed butter has got to be one of my favourites.

Where to find : Planet Organic & Whole food stores (London)

**Alternatively:  One of my favourite pumpkin nut butter brands in Singapore is from Nature’s Glory. Creamy and delicious! You can find it at most organic/vegetarian stores and selected Fairprice finest and Cold storage outlets



I haven’t really found sun dried tomatoes in SG that are large – the ones I get from Mustafa have been wrinkled to a very small size and the ones in the normal supermarkets are soaked in oil. So I was very glad to find this and I’m thinking of using this to make my “tomato” base for the raw pizza!

Where to find: Spitalfields Organic Market (London)



Got these at a 2 for 1 promo WOOHOO! The other flavour i bought was cacao banana….which I’ve already finished during my first week back. I loveeee the inspiral granola and it goes so well with almond milk, yogurt and fruits for breakfast.

Where to find : Inspiral Lounge, Planet Organic & Whole food stores (London)



Felt very compelled to buy this Vegan granola (more like muesli) because I saw quite a few people buying it at thier stall in Borough Market. Yea kiasu Singaporean yet again. But luckily it tasted really good so moral of the story is, follow the queues haha . This granola in gluten free too!

Where to find : Borough Market (weekends only), Planet Organic (London)

**Alternatively : There are plenty of vegan mueslis in the supermarkets and organic food stores in Singapore. Growing number of brands that are GF too. Oo, if you’re looking for British brands, buy them from Mustafa because its almost 50% cheaper as compared to the supermarket chains.



I’ve been looking to buy Xylitol in Singapore for some time now but its so expensive!! Cold Storage is selling it for around $20+….er that’s a bit excessive right? But these were selling for at around 3+pounds (or $7) at Whole foods and the kiasu auntie in me started grabbing a few packs while mumbling “Wahh so cheap!” Luckily no fellow Singaporean saw me then because it was so unglam haha… Anyway to those who wonder if Xylitol is considered “raw”, well no its not. Its just a healthier alternative to sugar (40% less calories), lower in GI and suitable for diabetics. Taste wise, it tastes exactly like sugar.

Where to find: Wholefoods (London)

** Alternatively : For Singaporeans, you can purchase it on ! Its WAYYYY cheaper…..really wonder why the price is so marked up in the supermarkets!



Raw kale chips! Raw kale chips! My favourite kale chips ever.,..ever! This is my third time buying this back from London because that’s how much i love it! They have some wacky flavours too…!

Where to find : Inspiral Lounge, Planet Organic & Whole food stores (London)

**Alternatively: Make them at home! Kale chips are pretty easy to make and they don’t necessarily need to be raw. You can oven bake them too – see Mr and Mrs Vegan’s easy to follow post on kale chips here



One of my favourite buys this haul. Its not your regular hot chocolate but i really like it! To be honest, it took me a while to get used to the taste of this drink because its a little sour …i guess due to the fact that there’s no added sugar. But I always stir in a little agave to make it sweeter or I simply add it in my smoothies for a thicker and chocolately texture.

Where to find : Planet Organic (London)

**Alternatively: Create your own superfood smoothie by adding in a TSP of Maca powder, Lucuma powder, Cacao powder, medjool dates, almond milk and frozen bananas.


2 thoughts on “August – Product Round Up

  1. I’ve actually tried quite a few of these products! Have you tried the purple cheezy corn kale chips?…if you haven’t, I warn you, you’ll become severely addicted. I speak from experience :).

    Embarrassingly, I’ve had that pumpkin seed butter sitting in my cupboard for quite a long time, and it’s still unopened. I’m afraid I won’t like it for some reason, lol. What is your favourite way to use it, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Hi Sarah! OH YES i’ve tried the purple cheezy corn kale chips and its my favourite flavour! Too bad it wasn’t on the 1 for 1 sale :(((
      Oh and I tried the pumpkin seed butter today. Its not fantastic but the consistency is pretty good. I normally use the pumpkin butter as a spread for my breads or raw chips. Sometimes I also use it as a base for salad dressings!

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