Vegan food in London

Hi all,

London is a paradise for vegetarians. Almost every cafe/restaurant and even pub has a vegetarian option ( think vegetarian fish & chips!). But there are also growing number of vegan dining options. In fact, I was so well fed there that I put on 2kg during my 2 week trip!

So if you’re heading to London, you might want to check out these places:

VX (aka Vegan Cross)
A one stop Vegan boutique for all your Vegan essentials! From clothing to groceries and from bags to books…they also have a takeaway counter for sandwiches and yummy vegan treats!VX

mini-DSCN9422 mini-DSCN9418 mini-DSCN9412 mini-DSCN9423 mini-DSCN9427

Delicious vegan fudgy chocolate cake!

mini-DSCN9436 mini-DSCN9438

 Neartest Tube : King’s Cross

A vegan restaurant smack in the heart of funky Soho that serves up quirky smoothies, “Vuffets” for lunch and a delicious a la carte dinner. Not a place to sit and chill because its pretty cramped. But the food is good so definitely worth a visit! Just remember to head there early.

mini-2013-08-22 12.17.19 mini-2013-08-22 12.18.39  mini-2013-08-22 12.34.26

mini-2013-08-22 12.34.33

I had the lunch buffet and would definitely return again for it. Delicious stews, soup, hot rice, salads and curries. Perfect for the rainy weather in London.

mini-IMG_20130822_123751 mini-IMG_20130822_122551

 74 Wardour Street
 Neartest Tube : Leicester Square/Picadilly Circus


An award winning vegan and gluten free bakery in the heart of Camden Town. Head there early because the treats get sold out really fast. I reached around 5pm and there were only a few cookies left…..but luckily it didn’t disappoint.

mini-DSCN9445 mini-DSCN9441

Peanut butter and jelly cookie which was so rich and decadent. God for a once a while treat.


Cookies and Scream
The Market Hall, Camden Lock Place
 Neartest Tube : Camden Town


One of London’s oldest Vegetarian restaurants. Actually i won’t really call it a restaurant, more of a small little take away counter. But they also a small area where you can sit. Both vegetarian and vegan options available. I had the Hungarian Vegan Goulash which was veryyyy good, too bad i didn’t take a photo.

DSCN9546 DSCN9548 DSCN9549

The vegan scone was really bad….dry and artificial tasting 😦


Food for Thought
31 Neal St London
 Nearest Tube : Covent Garden


 There are also sandwiches, desserts, salads and pastries to go. Think I went a bit mad because I went overboard and bought too much food back to my hotel in the name of “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”….ended up eating alot of it for lunch and dinner too.


2013-08-22 13.43.58  IMG_20130822_134318

mini-IMG_20130826_213714 mini-IMG_20130822_143610

Planet and Organic
22 Torrington Place London
Neartest Tube : Goodge Street


To visit London and not make a trip to Wholefoods is a crime. The US hypermarket is stocked full of healthy and organic choices in their take away section …see my review of Wholefoods here during my previous visit to London.

DSCN9461 DSCN9464



mini-IMG_20130828_215120 mini-IMG_20130826_210216

If you’re planning to be in London for a while, you can definitely do your grocery shopping at Wholefoods, Holland and Barrett, VX and Planet Organic because they have a whole range of vegan and raw foods – from “cheeses” to “meats” and household products.

Various locations see here .
I still prefer the flagship store at High Street Kensington



Reataurants & Cafes
LOVING HUT – Vegan cafe and salad bar. They sell vegan fish & chips too!
222 VEGGIE VEGAN – Vegan restaurant in West London. Wanted to visit this place so badly but it was kinda far….:( Maybe next time around!
MS CUPCAKE – Vegan cupcake bakery in Brixton
SAGAR – Indian vegetarian restaurant chain
MILDRED’S – One of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in London. Make sure you make a reservation
TIDBITS- Vegetarian and vegan salads and hot dishes. Pay by the weight of your plate. Nice interior too.
ITADAKI ZEN – Fully vegan japanese restaurant

Raw food restaurants
Check out my write up on raw food restaurants in London here

Normal supermarkets & “fast food” chains
Pret a Manger, EAT, Itsu, Wasabi
Marks and Spencer’s
Sainsbury, Tesco, Waitrose take aways
Many other small salad chains have veg options

Borough Market – Lots of delicious veggie options. Had an AMAZING vegan burger from The Veggie Table’s stall here too!!
Old Spitalfields Market – A few veggie options too, like the popular Rainforest creations


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