London here I come!

Hello all,

Going to take a short 2 week hiatus from blogging because I’ll be heading to London tomorrow!!

bianca gomez london print

This will be my 3rd time visiting london, but it’ll be my first “solo” trip.

Well I’m actually tagging along on my bf’s worktrip to London ( free accommodation oh yeahhh) so during the day, I’ll get to explore and see the city on my own. I’m so excited because I’ve always wanted to do some form of “solo” travelling but never had the chance.

I loved my previous trips with my girlfriends – shopping, laughing, sharing food, gaping at the HOT models at the Abercrombie store…. but this time, I think I’ll really get to do what I want, at my own pace. I have a long and ambitious bucket list  – from morning jogs in Hyde Park, chilling/reading at cafes and checking out the British library to visiting the museums, wandering around the River Thames and attending some free music gigs (oh hello cheapo Singaporean spotted haha!)

rawvegan scene

But what I’m looking forward to the MOST is the gastronomical feast that I’m going to take my tummy on. I’ve compiled a long list (thanks to followers on Instagram & this amazing site of Raw, Vegan and Vegetarian food cafes/restaurants/bars/food stores to visit in London. WOOHOOOO!!  And I intend to complete 80% of my list 😀

I’ll be back in September and can’t wait to write reviews on places I’ve visited and a guide to raw/vegan/vegetarian places to eat in London! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to read about and I’ll include that in the guide.

Add me on Instagram @shihngin to check out my daily gastronomical eats in London! Till September …..xo


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