July – Product Round up

Here are some of the new products I bought in July.

Lets start with my favourite buy —–


A googled for the meaning of Lavosh and the results showed “a thin, crisp piece of bread snack originating from Middle East“…and this pack I bought exactly fits the description. It was crispy, had just the right amount of flavour and was not oily at all! And it goes extremely well with dips and sauces. I brought my pack to a friend’s gathering and tried  it with some homemade tahini and loved it! (even though one of them did mention that when i took out the pack, she thought it looked like dog food :X) The price is little steep so if you want to give yourself a little gourmet “dip treat”, you should totally consider this!

Where to find : Major Cold Storage outlets
Price : $6.95



I’m quite sensitive to the taste of raw cacao powder but I still like to try using new brands from time to time. Tried out this brand and i thought the cacao flavour was pretty good and something I’ll definitely purchase again. To top it off, it is one of the most affordable cacao powders in Singapore.

Where to find : Lemon Zest (Holland V)
Price : Oops i lost the receipt but it was between $17 – $19


loving earth

Can I just start off by saying what a BIG FAN I am of Loving Earth. OMG PLS TRY THEIR RAW CHOCOLATES!! Loving Earth products are expensive in Singapore …if I don’t remember wrongly, these bars sell for around $11++ at Real foods and their nut butters are around $25 – $30 at Four Seasons Organic for a really small bottle.
One of our chefs bought a whole box of Loving Earth chocolates back from Aussie and sold them to me at cost! I was grinning from ear to ear the whole day….good food & cheap thrills make me so happy lol. Bought the Orange & Gubinge Dark Choc and Coconut Mylk flavour….have to say both were good but i prefer the coconut mylk one. So….anyone else going to Aussie soon??? :DD

Where to find : Real food grocer 
Price : Around $11+



Stopped by the supermarket to get a tub of Nuttelex but found another diary free margerine spread called Tablehands that was almost half price! Both are gluten free and have around the same amount of calories… and I was curious to find out how similar or different they were  and bought both!

Taste: I prefer Nuttelex more. Its creamier and has slighty more flavour.
Price: Tableshands is way more affordable at $4.15 as compared to Nutelex’s $8.25
Performance: I used both margarines in baking 2 different vegan cakes and both turned out well. Also used Nuttelex to make a vegan peanut butter frosting….which was so darn rich and creamy !

For Vegans : The main difference between Tablehands & Nuttelex (besides the huge price gap) is the sneaky little ingredient called Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is needed for its role in bone health and to help our body absorb calcium. Sources of Vitamin D can be absorbed in 3 ways – through our body’s exposure to sunlight, taking supplements or through food that contains vitamin D. Only a few natural foods like fatty fish and eggs contain Vitamin D. But manufacturers also add Vitamin D to foods such as fortified soymilk, fortified juice, fortified breakfast cereals, cow’s milk, and margarine.

There are two different forms of Vitamin D used in our supplements and fortified foods:

Vitamin D2 – which is made from yeast, is vegan
Vitamin D3 – which is derived from sheep’s wool, is well, not vegan

Nuttelex uses Vitamin D2 while Tablehands uses Vitamin D3. (By the way, EarthBalance uses Vitamin D2 too). So if you’re a strict vegan,  Nuttelex is the way to go. If not, Tablehands is a much more affordable alternative that for that price, works just as well.

Where to find : Major Cold Storage outlets
Price : Nuttelex $8.25 / Tablehands $4.15


8 thoughts on “July – Product Round up

  1. omg i didn’t know this abt the vitamin D, thank you for sharing. tableshands had vitamin D but it didn’t state as D2 or D3 so how did you find out? nuttelex is too expensive for me and they also use palm oil which affects the environment and animals so i don’t use that. now only earth balance left to buy.ugh sg seriously need to work on bringing more affordable vegan stuff.

  2. Hi Sheryl!

    Just found your blog and it’s such a pleasant surprise to find a fellow singapore with a blog on health and going vegan. I myself just turned vegan recently so I’m really grateful for your posts. Will be sure to visit this site often!


  3. Hello Sheryl!
    How are you?
    I stumbled upon your blog as I was looking for cocoa butter! It’s so hard to find it here in Singapore!
    Anyway, I happen to see it somewhere on your blog but lost the page so I decided to ask you here instead. (:
    May I know where did you get your raw cocoa butter? And how much was it?
    Thank you so much! Keep the post coming! (:
    Jewel (:

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