Ee Beng Vegetarian Restaurant – Penang

DSCN8813While researching on Vegetarian/Vegan food to eat in Penang, I came across Luke’s glowing (Hungry Ang Mo’s) recommendation    of Ee Beng Vegetarian Restaurant. Since it was also in the Georgetown area where I was staying, I knew I had to pay a visit.


I went during lunch time and instead of going to the restaurant, I went for the self service mix vegetable rice sets.


Al the dishes looked so good!! I went back and forth many times thinking what to add to my plate haha..And yes, it tasted as good as it looked. Was so stuffed after.


Travelling with a non-vegetarian companion is a little more troublesome but my bf and I managed to make it work. We would go for breakfast/lunch/dinner at a veg place for me , followed by someone else for him. When we were at Ee Beng, he kept picking at my food because ,quoting him “wah, this vegetarian food is damm good!”

The bakery beside the restaurant sells very authentic chinese bakery buns…and a good number of them are vegetarian too!

By the way, check out more restaurant recommendations in Penang from Luke if you’re visiting Penang!


3 thoughts on “Ee Beng Vegetarian Restaurant – Penang

  1. Glad that you found my posts useful, and delighted that you liked Ee Beng!

    Next time definitely visit the Ee Beng restaurant, as this was where my best experience was. I only wish Ee Beng could come to Singapore!

    I’ll actually be in Penang again soon, so your posts are quite useful for me. 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning my blog too.


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