June – Product round up

Hi All,

So sorry for the the lack of updates ! Know I was supposed to blog a bout my pre-holiday detox but unfortunately, I’ve been sick+busy this whole week 😦 ! I’ll definitely do an update on that post another time!

WIll be leaving for Penang tonight and I’m so grateful for this short break. Been it the kitchen way too much, it’ll be good to just relax for abit=) Before I leave, here’s a short post on my June product haul.



OMGAWDDDD BEST BUY OF THE YEAR!  Been lusting after a Vitamix for the longest time so when I got my pay in early June, I decided to bite the bullet and just invest in one! Highly encourage everyone who is into raw ,vegan foods…or even just good food in general to get one. Its high powered blades blend your food into smooth liquid in no time…even those rock solid items you take out from the freezer.

Just a personal self reflections here: Pretty amazed at how going on this journey has changed not only my diet but also me as a person. Back when I first started working, my priorities were so different… i lusted after the Chanels and Pradas and oh those beautiful new Celine bags. But now, i find myself placing less emphasize on material goods and more on wellbeing in general. well, just some personal ramblings here =X

Where to find : Balanced Living Asia
Price : $1,218 or $1,318 (Stainless steel) so far cheapest in SG



Love the July – Aug period in Singapore because its nearing Hari Raya and the supermarkets stock up on Medjool dates!! Woohoo…these are my fav so far! Juicy , moist and plump. Affordable too! Much better than the ones I buy at Mustafa.

Where to find : Supermarket chains like NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant
 Price : $14.90 for 980g



Finally got my hands on some KALE! This probably raises a few eyebrows if you’re not from Singapore….but well over here, Kale is really rare and expensive! The normal organic packets at Jasons’ and Sg Organics are going at around $12 – $14 for a few leaves and I really can’t bring myself to buy it. So when I spotted this at the Cold Storage near my place, I grabbed all 3 remaining packets on display. My bf commented that he has never seen anyone get so excited over vegetables hahah. Overall, I thought Kale has a really mild taste which is easy to eat raw. I prefer using it in salads then in smoothies because it makes my smoothies really ‘thick and fuzzy’. Maybe I’m just too used to having spinach? Anyway, Zen Xin Organics has has an online website and a store at Pasir Panjang market too that sells Kale

Where to find : Selected Cold Storage outlets and Zen Xin Organics
 Price : $14.90 for 980g


2013-07-03 17.26.27

If you can’t get your hands on Kale, how about some Kale Powder? Sprinkle some over your salads, mix it into your smoothies or in dips. Prefer adding this in my smoothies than the actual Kale.

Where to find : YES Natural
 Price : $14.80


2013-07-03 17.27.17 2013-07-03 17.26.56

This vegan Kimchi is SPICYYEEEEE!! But really delicious! I was holding a tissue in my hand and sniffling while eating this….the things you do for good food eh. It contains no onions or garlic too so its suitable for religious vegans.

Where to find : YES Natural
 Price : $7.80



3 thoughts on “June – Product round up

  1. Hi Sheryl,

    Congratulations on your vitamix! I am planning to buy one too. Wanted to know, if you are using a 220v vitamix or a converter for the vitamix? Thanks!

  2. Hi! Chanced upon your wordpress when I was looking for information about Medjool dates. They are so super hard to find after Hari Raya Puasa! I had just become a vegan few months ago but not totally raw, and same as you, I felt that it has changed a lot of my perspectives (not in terms of branded stuffs but in terms eating real food, and some other stuffs). And I totally agree with you about Kale!! They are so ex I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. Didn’t know YES sells kale powder but now I do ^^ and will pop over to the shop since it’s just 10mins away from me. I hope more people will know more about the food they are eating, and how it’s affecting their body and the environment, and be a vegan! 😉

    • HI Fuyumi! Glad that this post could be of use to you …and welcome to the vegan world! Oh yes, normally during hari raya period i buy lots of medjool dates to stock up haha…but other times I just buy them from Mustafa becuase there are plenty of dates there. Oh hopefully you stay at the YES Natural store that has the bakery, because they sell lotsa yummy vegan breads too!

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