Product round up – May

Decided to start a monthly roundup to share about new raw and vegan products I buy monthly. Didn’t take photos of everything I bought in May, so here’s just a few!

MASON JARS IMG_20130524_155715

Bought them for my juice fast and I I use them for everything – nut milk, salads, overnight puddings, parfait jars ….=) And I love the ultra tight sealed lid!

Where to find : The Living Cafe
Price : Ranges from $11.50  – $14.50 (3 different sizes)


IMG_20130530_073958-horzAfter my juice fast, I was CRAVING apples….and I want an apple binge fest. These are the top 3 best tasting apples I found in the supermarkets. And they are all from New Zealand! coincidence?  Best tasting from left to right

Where to find: DIVA apples ( Cold Storage, Jasons) / ENVY apples ( Jasons, certain NTUC fair price outlets like NEX)/ ENZA apples (most major supermarket chains)

Price: DIVA ($1.30 – $1.50) / ENVY ($2.50 – $2.80)/ ENZA ($0.80- $0.95) prices differ based on supermarkets


IMG_20130601_185914One of the perks about going vegan is that I always find vegan products in the supermarkets getting slashed because its not really popular. Managed to get my hands on 2 tubs of vegan ice cream at 60% off! Chocolate Fudge Brownie from Soy Dream was pretty good! Loved the fudge brownie bits. But was really disappointed with It’s SOY delicious’ vanilla ice cream. The texture was pretty bad and it tasted so artificial. First and last time buying it.

Where to find : Major cold storage locations/ Jasons/ Organic food shops
Price : Around $9 – $10



Loving this new coconut oil i bought. No overpowering coconut smell and taste. Perfect for my raw recipes. Always get cold pressed coconut oil so that it remains raw!

Where to find : Country Farm stores/ The Living Cafe
Price: 1L $49.90

In the meantime, this gives me a free pass to buy new goodies in the name of blogging haha…Till the next round up!

7 thoughts on “Product round up – May

  1. I also bought that soy ice cream when the price was slashed, haha. I agree with you, the texture and the flavour were really artificial – Especially the vanilla.

    Keep blogging! Keep posting! Don’t stop!

  2. May I know in which particular supermarket AND location that you usually find the prices for the vegan ice creams slashed?

    • Hi Kingsley, you’ll have to try Cold Storage or Jasons. The branches that stock up vegan ice cream (that i know of) are Plaza Sing, Guthrie House, Cluny Court, Great World City, Changi City Point, and Paragon. At least these are the places which I’ve bought mine=) Im sure there are more places, normally they are stocked at the larger outlets and around the more affluent neighbourhoods. You may also wanna check out Brownice, a vegan ice cream shop in Singapore! Its a Sin Ming Drive. DELICIOUS!

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