Just dropping by with a quick note

Hi All,

Sorry I haven’t posted since my juice fast ended. Its been a crazy busy week! Working in the morning shifts, then out the whole day. By the time I’m home, I’m dead beat and just wanna cuddle up to Scandal, my newest TV addiction (omg, so darn good! Can you say POPE? ).

But bear with me for a few more days and I’ll have more time to update this space=) Looking forward to telling you all how life has been after the fast.

In the meantime, wanna do a quick shoutout to fellow vegetarians and vegans in Singapore. There’s a new running group called TeamV.sg formed by a community of vegans to raise awareness about eating right and staying fit through a plant based diet. There will be a group run on 16 June (Sun) at MacRitchie followed by brunch at The Living Cafe. As I mentioned, its really new so spread the word! Even if you’re not joining for the run, why not join the brunch and get to know more like-minded people? Check it out!

Hope everyone has a blast this weekend !


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