Juice Fast day 6 & 7


Day 6

Still high on energy today! Could feel that my skin was cleaner and I even used less foundation =) The day went pretty much like the previous 2 days, made the same juices at work and running on the healthy fuel. In the evening, I went to catch the Aerosmith concert at Gardens By the Bay. May I just add that it was one of the best live concerts I’ve been to!! Steven Tyler still has it and boy I was so amazed that at his age he can still reach those high notes and survive with such flamboyant stamina on stage. Back to topic, I was determined not to break my fast…left work at 6pm and drank a huge 1L worth of green juice to survive for the night. But the concert lasted longer than expected, I finally left Gardens By the Bay at 1130pm after hours of screaming, jumping and rubbing against sweaty bodies. Was soooo famished! My friends and I walked to the food court at Marina Bay Sands and everyone ordered supper. Sadly the fruit juice stall was closed and I was sooooo hungry that I caved. Ate an apple :(. Chewed it really slowly and it tasted like heaven. Oh well, I tried my best!

Day 7

Last day of my fast!! Woke up feeling really tired because of the concert, in fact, my body was actually aching like I did some sorta workout haha. I think today was probably one of the more challenging days during the fast because I was so tempted to eat (Esp after tasting that apple yesterday) and I had to keep reminding myself “ok, last day , almost there, hang in there”. So point to note, if you’re doing a juice fast, try not to eat anything inbetween because it makes it tempts your tastesbuds and makes it harder to stick to the fast thereafter. So glad I made it through the day and I can’t wait for tomorrow! Side track a little, met a few different groups of vegans and vegetarians at the cafe today…and it made my day! Really happy to get to know more like-minded people who share a similar passion for healthier food and conscious living=)



Can’t believe its been a week! I’m proud of myself for persevering through the whole week and sticking to the fast because this was a personal challenge that was really hard for me *pat on back!*

For me, this fast was as much a mental one as a physical one. It took alot of will power and exercising mind over matter to get through the week. With all that spare time on my hands from not preparing my normal meals, I learned to listen to my body more and a few truths about my eating habits and self began to surface. I realised that I’m a classic emotional eater. I don’t eat because I’m hungry…I eat because I’m happy, sad, excited, stressed…and worse of all, bored(gasp)! Some of my bad habits that I never noticed before- how I would involuntarily open the fridge each time I come home, how I NEED to have something to munch when I’m watching tv/shows, how I reach for an icy cold sweet drink after exercise… Funny how what started out as a juice fast became so much more.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to the fast. Here are some advs and disadvs of my fasting experience:

– High energy levels
– Weight loss (around 1.5kg)
– Clearer skin
– Mental clarity
– Better sleep
Another advantage was that my tastebuds have been “reset”. I read that when you’re on the fast, your system reboots itself and you start craving for natural whole foods. Like how I’m craving for fresh fruits and raw foods now!

– Constipation (No fibre perhaps? My coworker on the other hand went to the toilet daily while on the fast)
– Detox symptoms for the first few days…includes insomnia, lethargy and feeling like crap
– Fuzzy teeth
It also limits your social interaction (for me at least). I had to say NO to a few dinners because I didn’t want to make myself feel miserable and my friends feel too awkward over my fast.

Would I do this again? Definately! Who knows, maybe next time around, I may challenge myself to go for 10 days! Overall it has been a great detox expereince and I highly recommend everyone to give it a go! I don’t have the strongest will power, but if i can do it, im pretty sure you can too=) Also wanna thank everyone who has dropped me comments of encouragement throughout my fast….it has motivated me lots!

Now, for an early night and a brand new week tomorrow. Bye!


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