Juice fast day 4

Day 4
It was really hard for me to fall asleep last night. My mind was so active and alert. Finally fell asleep at 4am, after watching episodes of Revenge but woke up a few hours later at 9am today feeling refreshed and full of energy! And I was craving for…JUICE! Today’s my off day so I stayed home the whole day resting and finishing up the entire season of Revenge (awesome finale I must say!). Was intending to nap for a bit in the afternoon but I wasn’t even tried. Went for a light jog in the evening and though my muscles were tight because I haven’t exercised in a while, I felt like I could keep going on and on. Looks like my detox symptoms are subsiding and I’m finally reaping the benefits of the fast !


Juicing on a budget
Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and stopped by a juice counter at Ang Mo Kio to get some juice. I don’t really buy fruit juices outside and was appalled by the prices the juices were going for.

Here’s a rough idea of the price:

Apple + Beetroot+Carrot+ Ginger = S$5.50 (small cup with ice)
Cucumber + Kiwi + Apple = S$5 (small cup with ice)
Celery + Starfruit = S$3.50 (small cup with ice)
Orange juice = S$3
(Prices are all in Singapore dollars)

If you want to upsize your drink and have no ice, you add $0.50 accordingly. In the name of “research” I bought the first and third juice. Was really disappointed because the juices were so diluted! I finished my drink in like 5 min because the cup was mostly filled with ice =(

I don’t mind paying for quality juices, ingredients and food…but I feel that most juice counters (esp those in shopping malls) just milk you with sky high profit margins on their juices. Even those juice stalls in food courts with mediocre juices are getting more and more pricey!

Wanted to show how easy it is to make quality juices at home that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. All you need is a juicer and a fridge! So today, instead of making large pitcher of juices, I created 3 different small portions of juice. All packed with nutrients and all below…. S$5!! (All produce from NTUC. Price will differ if you go to different supermarkets. )

This juice contains many ingredients and its packed with loads of nutrients! Easy on the tastebuds too thanks to the sweetness from the orange and pear. Tomatoes, celery and grapefruit are also great liver cleansers.


3 stalks celery —— $0.40 ($1.55 per pack)
15 cherry tomatoes —— $1 (Around $2.20 for a pack)
1 pear —– $0.44 ($2.20 for 5)
1 orange —— $0.95 ($2.95 for 3.)
1 grapefruit (white) —— $0.60 ($1.80 for 3 on sale)
1 lemon —– $0.37 ($1.85 for 5)
Young ginger, small piece (roughly 1/3 of your pinky finger) —- $0.10 ($1.15 for 1pack)
1 pack parsley —– $0.80
½ cucumber —— $0.25 ($0.45 per cucumber)

 TOTAL : $4.91 (9 ingredients)
Makes 1 ½large glasses (no ice!)

You can’t go wrong with a whole bowl of greens! And hey, you can still stick to your budget when you buy organic vegetables. An alkaline juice, it contains lots of spinach which is excellent in iron, vitamin A, vitamin K and folate. If you find this juice too ‘green’ for you, simply add ½ an apple to it.


200g organic spinach —– $2.10 (1 pack)
40g organic pea sprouts —–$0.49 ($1.95 for a pack of 150g, around ¼ pack)
1 cucumber —— $0.45
1 pack parsley —– $0.80
½ lemon —— $0.19 ($1.85 for 5)
Young ginger, small piece (roughly 1/3 of your pinky finger) —- $0.10 ($1.15 for 1pack)
2 green apples —- $0.80 ($2 for 5)

TOTAL : $4.95 (7 ingredients)
Makes 11/2 large glasses (no ice!)

This juice is so deliciously sweet thanks to the grapes! I loved it so much, I made 2 portions. I diluted it with water and ice though. Grapes provide quick boost of energy, helps in anemia, supports skin ,kidney, liver functions and improves complexion! If having SKII worthy skin isn’t a great day, I don’t know what is haha


250g seedless red grapes —– $1.15 ( $3.35 for 745g or 1/3 pack)
1 grapefruit (white) —— $0.60 ($1.80 for 3 on sale)
15 cherry tomatoes —— $1 (Around $2.20 for a pack)
3 stalks celery —— $0.40 ($1.55 per pack)

TOTAL : $3.15 (4 ingredients)
Makes 1 large glass, and slightly more (no ice!)

Wow, halfway through my juice fast….THREE MORE DAYS!!!


7 thoughts on “Juice fast day 4

  1. Hi, can you share which juicer do you use at home? Am thinking of getting one but not sure which is a good brand / model to buy.

      • Hi Sheryl, one more quick check? How about Omega juicers? Have you heard of this brand? It is slightliy cheaper than Alpha, but I am not sure if it is a good brand. They are selling it at Frunatic Restaurant at Star Vista. Here’s the link, not sure if it is easier to clean for this one..:( Appreciate your advice..

      • Hi Jacqueline, Yeap I’ve heard of Omega brand before and its pretty reputable for cold press juices! The horizontal ones look very much like the alpha brand and my guess is that the parts wont differ much. Also, the horizontal ones are great for making nut butters and soy milk! If you’re concerned about the cleaning, would be best to ask the juicers at frunatic =) Good luck with your new juicer!!

  2. Hi may I know appx how much will a cold press juicer be? And where can I get one? Looking for an affordable unit. A friend suggested that I can order one off amazon but I concerned about the power conversion. Thank you.

    • Sorry for the late reply! I cold pressed juicer is normally more expensive than a regular juicer…a good one will probably cost at least $500 – $600. Power conversion is tricky but I guess you can ask the seller before you buy….or you can also can a conversion plug locally.

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