Juice Fast Day 2

ready set juiceDay 2
I’ve read some juice fast testimonies and many people seem to feel refreshed and energised on day 2. Welllll, its my second day but contrary to what I’ve read, I feel more tired than ever! Was a torture getting out of bed and I was struggling to keep awake while driving to work. I literally felt WEAK. surprisingly I didn’t really feel hungry, just tired. Worked at a much slower pace today, luckily the restaurant wasn’t crowded. Drank lots of water to stay hydrated, as a result, had to visit the toilet to pee every hour lol. S My coworker was also feeling freaking weak today, and managed to get through my 8hr shift by us joking and laughing about our mental and physical state. Went for hot yoga after work with a friend. nearly DIED! So there’s this pose where you just lie on the mat with your eyes closed and arms by your side. I FELL ASLEEP, even drooled a little. Luckily i didn’t snore!! It was so embarrassing but luckily no one noticed ><!!

Today’s juices

Juice 1 – Ruby Red (same as day 1)
Juice 2 – Mean Green (same as day 1)
Tea break – 1 large glass coconut water
Juice 3 – Cucumber + celery + green apple + carrot
Other – Chamomile tea

Changed the order of my juice because I’ve learnt that you should take your high sugar juices in the morning to kickstart your day and also so that your body can burn off the calories throughout.

I know i promised to write about FAQs part 2, but I’m the girl who just fell asleep and drooled in yoga class, so cut me some slack hehehe…I promise I shall continue that portion tomorrow!

Before I end, just wanted to share a little about detox symptoms and why we experience them. Lifted this paragraph off Raw Food Life’s website

“Feeling Worse Before You Feel Better.


When you first start a raw food program, especially with juicing, your body finally has a chance to get rid of some of the toxins it has been holding onto for years or decades. In addition, you probably stopped getting your daily “fix” such as coffee, tea, or chocolate. So a variety of symptoms might occur. You may experience headaches or migraines, for example. Some people feel like they have a cold or the flu. You may feel weak and exhausted. This happens when your new healthier body discards the stored up toxins like caffeine or theobromine from your tissues and dumps them in your bloodstream for disposal. Until now, your immune system and elimination systems couldn’t keep up with the toxic intake you had daily from cooked food. When you consumed more toxins than you could eliminate, the rest got stored in your body, usually surrounded by fat cells to protect the body (one of the reasons some people get overweight). Now that your toxic intake is LESS than your body can eliminate, it can start eliminating those old stored-up toxins. This leads to better health as well as some weight loss. However, at first it can make you feel sick, because all those toxins in your bloodstream suddenly are just like an attack of a virus or infection, and your immune system may react to them in the same way. It is a natural thing and is OK.

When you have these symptoms, do not give up. Your body is going through a healing and cleansing process, which on average can take from one week to maybe 3 or 4 weeks, depending on the toxicity level in your body. Take this time to rest, and look forward to improved health and energy health ahead. ( i sure hope it doesn’t take that long.,…)

You can check out this link on juice fast detox symptoms too!

2 days down, 5 more to go. I CAN DO THIS I CAN I CAN!!


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