Juice Fast Day 1

Hello there, today I started the first day of my juice fast! For the next 7 days, I’m going to try to give a comprehensive rundown about my juice fast – my recipes, detox symptoms, FAQs, cravings, feelings, important notes etc…people normally freak out when they hear the word “fast” and I guess that’s a pretty normal reaction. But I hope that my next few posts will change some of your minds and even motivate you to start on one yourself!


OVerall, I felt really tired today. Am not sure if its because I only slept for 4 hours last night or because I didn’t consume solid food. In fact, I was so tired that i fell asleep on the bus, missed my stop and took it all the way to the bus interchange. I finally woke to an empty bus and an angry bus driver shouting at me to get off. FML hahhaa.. So I’m gonna sleep really early tonight and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to give an unbias evaluation of the day.
Though tired, was very motivated today. Managed to get through the whole day with 3 different delicious juices (recipes below) and it really helped that my co-workers were in it with me! Its really helpful to have a support group especially when you work in a kitchen and you’re surrounded by FOOD =S

I plan to make 3 types of juices a day. 2 large pitches at work, and a small glass at home/on the go


Juice 1 – Mean Greenie
1 pitcher = 1/2 green capsicum, 450g kailan, 15g ginger, 2 stalks of celery with the leaves , 1/2 peeled lemon , 1 large cucumber, 60g parsley, 2 green apples


Juice 2 – Ruby Red
1 pitcher = 5 carrots, 1/2 beetroot, 2 stalks of celery with the leaves, 1/2 peeled lemon, 2 red apples, 15g ginger, 60g parsley


Juice 3 – Citrus Punch
1 Mason Jar (1 1/2 cups) = 1 white grapefruit, 1 small orange, 2 stalks of celery with the leaves, 3 small strawberries, 8 cherry tomatoes, 1/2 large cucumber

REBOOT YOUR LIFE  Before I started my fast, I did some research on juice fasting and here are some FAQs that you may be interested to know. Shall break up the FAQs into 2 parts and continue the rest in tomorrow’s post=) Just a short disclaimer, I’m not a nutritionist and the below FAQs are written through research and personal expereince=)


1) Benefits of a juice fast
Just to name a few:
Weight loss
Improved and glowing complexion
Cleansed and regulated colon
Increased mental clarity
Increased energy levels
Resets your taste buds (loss of craving for unhealthy food. FOR REAL)
Strengthen immunity
LIver cleansing

2) How long should I go on a juice fast?
It really depends on you and how much you want to challenge yourself. You can start off slow with a 3 day fast first like what I did just to know what to expect. And later on you may want to try again for a longer duration. Of course, the longer the fast, the more thorough the cleanse=) The most important thing is to have a positive attitude! If you go into the fast thinking you won’t be able to do it, you sure as hell wont complete it.

3) How should I prepare for a fast?
You’ll need to prepare your body for a fast….lest your body gets a shock. WHAT? WHERE ARE MY MEALS? Its best to eat lightly and consume mostly fresh fruits and vegetables 2 – 3 days leading up to the fast. Some people also begin their fast with a self administered enema or by taking a natural laxative to cleanse thier colon. That’s recommended but optional of course.

4) What can I and can’t I drink?
Going on a juice fast doesn’t mean you can drink all sorts of juices. Firstly, you should only drink FRESH juice. Nothing concentrated and nothing that comes from a packet, bottle or off the shelf (i don’t care how much the label claims its “REAL JUICE”). Secondly, 70= 80% of your juices should be vegetable juices. Veggie juices are low in sugar, gives you the nutrients you need and helps to alkalize your body. Fruit juices on the other hand are tasty but extremely high in sugar. They spike your blood sugar and give you a natural energy boost after you drink it…but you tend to get hungry and tired more easily after that. An easy way would be to make sure each glass you make contains 70-80% veges and around 20% fruit to sweeten it out. Read more about the benefits of Green Juices here.

I also have to emphasize on HYDRATION. Drink Lots and LOts of water! Your body is detoxifying, expelling old toxins, throwing them temporarily into the bloodstream for it to be eliminated and you’ll need water to flush out all these the toxins. I like to dilute my juices with water or add lots of ice cubes. Other than plain water, you can also drink coconut water, fruit infused water and herbal teas.

5) How should I store my juice?
Its best to store your juice in a mason jar or glass jar. A mason jar is the best choice because its gauranteed to keep the juice sealed for freshness. Storing a juice properly is important because it ensures it’s freshness, it’s flavor, and even more importantly to help retain its nutritional value as long as possible. You may want to add lemon juice in your juices because it helps to keep your juice fresh by slowing down the oxidation process. I use a mason jar & a glass jar – Bought my mason jar at The Living Cafe (haha where else?) for $11.90 (middle size) and my glass jar from IKEA. Keep your juices refrigerated immediately if you plan to store them.

6) How long can I store my juice for?
It best to drink your juices immediately as it is the freshest and most nutrient dense. ASAP! However, if you’re making large batches to store, I personally wouldn’t recommend storing for more than 12 hours. I’ve read on some websites that you can store fresh juices for up to 3 days…but seriously now, how fresh can that get?

Part 2 continues tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Juice Fast Day 1

  1. Refrigerating the juices for 3 days? Yeah, that sounds quite scary! What do you think about freezing the juices though? I can imagine freezing them in ice cubes for quick thawing. (plus they would make really pretty ice cubes!)

    Hope Day 2 will be a better day for you! 🙂

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