Starting a Juice Fast

Two weeks ago, I watched a show called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead that inspired me to try out a juice fast.


Its bascially about how this guy Joe who was fat and unhealthy decided to make a positive change for himself by embarking on a 60 days juice fast to cure himself. I know right,….60 DAYS WITHOUT SOLID FOOD!! SAY WHAT?! But this turned out to be the best thing he did for himself…he not only juiced his way back to good health, but also inspired thousands of people around the world! Joe actually looks quite the hunk now hahah. I encourage EVERYONE and ANYONE to please watch this show and spread the word

Watch the trailer here

I was one of those inspired fans. Thought I wasn’t fat, sick and nearly dying , I was so pumped to give juicing a shot after watching it.

It was my first time committing to doing a juice fast and I didn’t really know what to expect. In fact, when I went to the supermarket to get groceries, I spent almost an hour and a half there because I was trying to figure out my portioning! I lasted 4 days on the fast…before I gave way to my cravings haha. But not too shabby for a first try!

Even though the fast only lasted for 4 days, I was already reaping the benefits of it. On my third day, I SWEAR my skin was glowing and I felt so light and energetic. And I’ve been hoping to complete a longer fast since then – to challenge myself and also experience more benefits of a longer detox. You see, since I came back from my travels and started my new job, I’ve actually been eating alot of junk (yes vegan food can be junk too) and have put on quite a bit of weight =((( More on that on my next post.

Anyway, It so happened that one of my colleagues at the restaurant also watched the movie…and started his juice fast recently too! A few days ago We started talking, one thing lead to another and we managed to rally 3 more of our other colleagues to go on a group juice fast together! We’ll be starting the fast tomorrow for 7 days and I’m excited to begin!

Am determined to complete a full 7 day fast this time round. Have cleared my schedule for the next 7 days so that I don’t have much social commitments and will be blogging about my daily experience here. What I drink, side effects, benefits, cravings…basically everything!

So join me on my 7 day juice fast! Whether you’re starting one yourself, or just keen to find out first hand what its like.

Wish me luck!


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