Vegetarian and Vegan finds at Mustafa Shopping Center

I visit Mustafa once every 2 months or so to top up my raw food ingredients and even though I know the place quite well, I’m always discovering new and interesting things/items. There’s SO MUCH to see!! I actually plan my visits there because I know i will spend a good 2 hours at the very least haha.

I spend most of my time on level 2 , aka, the food and supermarket section! Many items sold there are actually cheaper than our local supermarkets, the variety is incredible and I actually think that the vegetables and fruits section has fresher produce. It is also a haven for veggie lovers because the supermarket carries alot of vegetarian friendly items. Anyway, here are some vegetarian/vegan products i spotted on my recent  2-hr visit there.

2013-04-06 23.54.46

A fig Garland

2013-04-06 23.55.32 2013-04-06 23.56.42 2013-04-06 23.57.00

Found these huge pack of frozen strawberries at…..S$1.20! Cheaper than an can of coke at the food court ok! Anyway i  bought a pack and have been adding them to my daily morning smoothies. Quality wise,  not that  fantastic, found a few overly riped ones in the pack that felt a bit slimey. Not sure if it was becuase i took a long time to drive home from Mustafa and it was defrosting in the boot. But anyway, at least 75% of the strawberries are okay…$1.20 what do you expect. 2013-04-06 23.57.19

HMMM….2013-04-06 23.58.16 2013-04-06 23.58.42

There are refrigerated compartments dedicated to chinese vegetarian mock food. Below are all the mock vegetarian ingredients for steamboat…literally everything from crab to squid, to mussels. you name it.  2013-04-07 00.00.14

They have Missoni wraps in the normal supermarkets but its my first time seeing this  flavour.2013-04-07 00.01.03 2013-04-07 00.01.392013-04-07 00.02.11Healthy food bars!   2013-04-07 00.07.55

The Pacific brand is at least 20% cheaper here. Normally get them for around $5.30 ish at NTUC. 2013-04-07 00.08.34 2013-04-07 00.20.11

Whoever you are Amy, hello and thank you.  2013-04-07 00.41.58Vegan cakes! Looks very Sara Lee 2013-04-07 00.42.14 2013-04-07 00.44.22

New frozen food brand they brought in. 2013-04-07 00.45.10 2013-04-07 00.45.38 2013-04-07 00.50.19 2013-04-07 00.57.56

Was quite interested in the dehyrated fruits but I wanted to see what kind of preservatives were added. Too bad it was all in Thai 😦  2013-04-07 01.05.35

Your fav fruits – freeze dried and colourfully packed!  2013-04-07 01.06.02

The only negative thing about Mustafa is the HUMAN traffic! So if you’re like me, avoid the crowds by heading to Mustafa in the wee hours of the morning. And if you drive, I’m gonna share with you my secret place to park haha… I normally park along Birch road, right across Mustafa Centre, near Farrer Park Station. Almost always lots available, and its just a 3 min walk there. Parking is free after 10pm too.

See you in 2 months time Mustafa. In the meantime, you can read about the organic and specialty products i spotted on my previous visit here.



2 thoughts on “Vegetarian and Vegan finds at Mustafa Shopping Center

  1. Hi, happened to pass by your blog (: where did you find the freeze dried fruits , the last pic . Is it the building beside 7-11 or the behind one? Thanks!

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