Visit to Whole Foods, London

Hello, long hiatus again i know!
Was in London for the past 2 weeks and only had my tablet with me and I can’t for the life of me type even an email on it!

Anyway, wanted to share my shopping experience at London’s Whole Foods store.
I was supper excited to visit Whole Foods; in fact while planning my itinerary, it was on top of the list together with the major attractions like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey haha..

whole foodsFor the unintiated, Whole Foods is a supermarket chain that emphasises on selling “whole, natural food”. They are also very involved with social responsiblity which sees them supporting local farmers and being big on the green movement.

Visited the Whole Foods at High street Kensington. The first level has a bakery, sells pastries, chips, beverages, cheese and food to go. The basement is where the magic happens. There are fresh vegetables and fruits arranged so beautifully that it will make a carnivore wanna go raw. There’s an area for all sorts of seeds, nuts, grains, legumes…which you can buy by weight. Best of all, there is a whole section for RAW FOODS and lotsa vegan options! The upper level has a few restaurants, one of which is a Raw food restaurant! Didn’t take many pictures because I was too busy putting things into my basket and going a bit mad haha.. don’t mind me, we don’t have a Whole Foods equivalant in Singapore.


The raw food ingredients are SO SO SO SO much more affordable !! Raw nut butters are around 4 pounds ($8 SGD), raw chocolate bars average around 1.50 pounds ($3 SGD) and they have a whole range of dairy free milk and yogurts!! I wanted to buy back butters and oils but didn’t have much weight to bring on board 😦 Here’s what i bought though!


collage 2

(Above: assortment of raw chocolate, bars and brownies) collage 1

(Above, clockwise from top left: Raw nut butters, Hemp seeds (shelled and unshelled) ,  Maca & Lucuma powder # cacao nibs, Nakd raw bars…these were only 70p!! DSCN0479

(Above: Raw cheesie kale chips. Bought this on my previous trip to london when i visited Inspiral Lounge and i HAD to get it again. SO SO good!! also got the curry flavoured ones) DSCN0478(Above: Raw pizza crackers from SAF, whole food’s raw restaurant!)

So looking forward to trying out my ingredients and digging into my raw snacks!

The only thing way i can think of ending this blog post is by screaming…Whole Foods, why you no come SINGAPORE!!! :(((!


6 thoughts on “Visit to Whole Foods, London

  1. This brings back such happy memories… I lived in London for a while and going to Whole Foods always made my day 🙂 It’s awesome having another local blog featuring vegan food in SG, especially with the emphasis on health and raw food. I’m on a 100% raw detox myself at the moment. Cheers

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