Happy Chinese New Year!!

Lunar-New-Year-GoodiesIts the start of the long weekend and the beginning of 4 full days of feasting and more feasting. Actually, the feasting already started 2 weeks ago when cny goodies started arriving at work!

Here are 3 tips to keep the holiday spirit high when maintaining your waistline

Eat more of..
 Healthy snacks. Yes, it exists, not some urban legend! Some healthy (or healthier snacks) include Mandarin oranges, fruits like pamelo and dragon fruit, seaweed, plums and dried fruit (except those laden with sugar)

Here’s just a rough idea how much calories and nutrition are in some of our popular CNY goodies
• Bak Kwa (1 piece, 57g)- contains 229kcal, 8g fat, 24g sugar with 15g protein
• Pineapple tarts (2 pieces, 40g) – 163kcal, 7g fat & 12g sugar
• Love Letter (4 rolls, 52g) – 224kcal , 6g fat & 19g sugar
• Shrimp Roll (10 pieces, 15g) – 46kcal ,4g fat & 0g sugar
• Kueh bangkit (6 pieces, 36g) – 137kcal,4 fat & 8g sugar
 • Beehive cookie/ kueh ros – 149kcal, 7g fat & 8g sugar
Nian gao (1/4 portion, 106g) – 245kcal, 0.5g fat & 37g sugar

Drink less of…
Sugared drinks! Packet drinks/canned drinks/ soft drinks – they all account for wasted calories. Just imagine, you politely accept a drink when visiting someone’s home. Multiply that by 5 homes a day ,over 2 days and you would have drunk 10 packs/cans of sugary drinks! Save your calories for something more deserving, like your grandma’s famous curry. Opt for water or chinese tea. It’ll help to cleanse your system too!

Don’t even think of..
 Starting on your trigger foods. My number 1 trigger food during CNY are tapioca and chiku chips!! I LOVELOVELOVE them. I normally start with one portion and promise myself with all the will power i have within me that it’ll be my last…but who am i kidding right? I go for seconds, and thirds….I can even finish the whole container on my own! So the best way (for me at least) to resist goodies that you have a tendency of over indulging on is to avoid them completely. Harsh I know, but if you have super human self control then go ahead and enjoy that one portion (i envy uuuuu).

Happy CNY everyone, here’s to a prosperous New Year. Huat ah!


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