Real Food Grocer

Sorry for the blogging hiatus!

Was in Hong Kong for 5 days and it took me awhile to adjust back to reality …I only just unpacked my luggage over the weekend!

I have been eating wayy too much junk and I’m gonna try to do a mini 3 day detox before the Chinese New Year celebrations start from Friday. There’s gonna be so much feasting during the Chinese New Year period, it makes Christmas look sad.

Anyway, visited the Real Food Grocer @ The Central last weekend. Its a cafe cum health food store concept, think Jones the Grocer, that serves vegetarian dishes with many vegan options. YUM!

2013-02-02 19.15.55

2013-02-02 19.20.10

2013-02-02 19.20.50They also have copies of health books/ food magazines/ self help brochures for customers to browse and read while having their meal.

2013-02-02 19.19.46

2013-02-02 19.19.35

2013-02-02 19.20.06

Boiled dumplings in tamari and sesame oil  – this is simple but so full of flavour. Must try!


Chickpea and sweet potato cakes with avocado wedges, grilled organic asparagus, boiled beans, grilled capsicum and soy mayo. I found the cake a tad dry and too crummy…but luckily the vegetables made up for it. The asparagus especially was grilled to PERFECTION. oh my oh my..

2013-02-02 19.34.18

Spinach and tomato pasta ,topped with mozzarella. If you want the vegan option, simply ask to remove the cheese. I tasted abit of the pasta, thought it was slightly too garlicky. And the spinach was cooked chinese-styled…abit weird for a western dish?

2013-02-02 19.33.24

2013-02-02 20.39.432013-02-02 20.39.292013-02-02 20.40.112013-02-02 20.39.47


I think the chinese food would be much better here – saw most people ordering the rice and noodles. So will definitely give it a shot the next time around. If you’re not vegetarian but looking for a nice cafe to chill and relax, Real Food Grocer has the perfect ambiance for that too

Real Food Grocer

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central #B1-52/53

T: +65 62244492


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