Organic and Specialty food at Mustafa

Mustafa Center is one of my fav one-stop mall in Singapore. You can find everything and anything there…house hold equipment, stationery, electronics, a giant supermarket, jewellery, clothing, gardening items, storage, luggages, CDs & DVDs etc. I can spend hours there! But Mustafa is extremely crowded, but luckily its 24 hours, so try to go during non-peak hours.

You may not know this, but Mustafa’s supermarket actually sells alot of organic and specialty imported food stuff. And for most specialty food (except those from Japan), its around 30% cheaper than in our normal supermarkets.

I went there last Friday to stock up on my raw nuts and medjool dates …but ended up buying a whole basket load of stuff. Found some new interesting items:

Herbs to last you a lifetime

2013-01-12 00.05.53Coconut oil2013-01-12 00.08.57 2013-01-12 00.05.21Raw Agave Syrup 2013-01-12 00.00.34

Agava Syrup – Raw /Maple flavoured/Light2013-01-12 00.00.07 2013-01-11 23.58.01

 Pickled carrot? Carrot jam?2013-01-11 23.58.22 2013-01-11 23.56.59 2013-01-11 23.55.41

2013-01-11 23.49.27

Charlie’s whole fruit smoothies . Around 40% more in Cold Storage 2013-01-11 23.49.54

Date syrup 2013-01-11 23.52.47

2013-01-11 23.54.13All the spices you’ll ever need

2013-01-12 00.09.28Veggie delight 2013-01-12 00.18.29 2013-01-12 00.19.31 2013-01-12 00.19.48 2013-01-12 00.02.10

Please don’t buy this! The ingredients say its 100% pure coconut water but nooo…its full of sugar 2013-01-11 23.42.10Medjool dates 2013-01-11 23.39.41Wraps – Barley, Rye, Spelt, Chia, Oat …you name it! Wraps

Raw nuts – almonds, pine, cashew, walnuts. (WAYYYYY cheaper than any supermarket . I buy them by the kilo) Sunflower seeds, prunes, raisins 2013-01-11 23.40.02Vegetarian and Vegan frozen food

2013-01-12 00.21.32Vegan  tenders anyone?2013-01-12 00.21.08My shopping basket =)! 2013-01-12 00.24.27


145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704


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