Raw foods – Day 5

Happy Sunday everyone!

Short entry today because I’m really sleepy and tomorrow is gonna be the start of a long week at work.

veggies with dip

Breakfast : Green smoothie (1 avocado + 2 bananas + 2tsp agava + bunch of kailan)
Lunch : 2 carrots + 1 green capsicum + 2 stalks of celery + totmatoes all cut into strips. Dipped with a raw tahini+seasame+avovcado dressing from The Living Cafe. This was SO GOOD I can’t wait to go back and buy more.

Tea break: Handful of cranberries, sunflower seeds and pine nuts.
Dinner : Guava + Red apple juice and 1 large bowl of longans .I can eat ALOT of longans! My second fav fruit after durain.

In the meantime, its the end of the first week of the New Year! I’ve made 5 new year resolutions for myself, for now and every remaining year of my late twenties. (sob only 4 more years!) .

Love God

Forgive & Forget

Eat Well

Travel Far

Move More

I hope that you will continue to persevere with whatever detox decision or New Year resolution you’ve made at the start of the year =)

Till tomorow !


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