Raw foods – Day 4 and a trip to The Living Cafe

Was feeling slightly more energetic today but still a little under the weather and feverish from the food poisoning. But that didn’t stop me from making a trip to The Living Cafe! So excited to share about my experience, scroll down to read more.

Pineapple+banana+kailanRecap of Day 4
 Breakfast – Green smoothie (Pineapple + Banana + Kailan)

Lunch – 3 course Raw meal ( Raw mushroom soup + Raw mushroom burger + Raw blackforest cake) Scroll below for details

Dinner – Salad (lettuce, shredded carrots + cucumber, seaweed) + Miso soup

Vegan options are limited in Singapore (growing, but slowly) and raw vegan options are almost non existent. So I was really excited when I found out about The Living Cafe, the only cafe in Singapore which serves up a full western raw menu – from appetizers to main courses to desserts.

I finally made my way down to The Living Cafe for lunch yesterday.Have been looking forward to visiting the place ever since my colleague bought me 2 slices of their raw cakes. It was SO GOOD!

The Living Cafe is housed in Blanced Living Asia . Besides the cafe, they also conduct health food classes, holistic workshops, yoga lessons and nutrition consultation.

The Living Cafe

The Living Cafe

Love the bright and spacious ambience of the cafe


The LIving Cafe


Literally skipped to the cake section…all these delightful cakes are RAW=)!


The menu  is quite extensive and is not limited to only raw food. It ranges from appetizers, salads, soups, pizzas, sandwiches, wraps and desserts and under each section, there are vegetarian, vegan and raw options. You can check out the menu here.

1st dish: Raw mushroom soup with raw sour cream

The soup tasted really creamy and gourmet and PZ loved it. Was impressed by the consistency of the soup but thought the winning factor was the raw sour cream .It gave the soup a tangy taste and complimented it very well

Raw mushroom soup

2nd dish: Raw TLC burger. Pattie made from mushrooms, walnuts,sunflower seeds,oats,tomatoes,sprouts served in a lettuce wrapped ‘bun’ with raw cheesy sauce. Thought the patty was a tad dry – i guess that’s what you get from dehydrating food. But the cheesy sauce gave it the right amount of moisture. Wouldn’t have minded if there was more =) Doesnt look like it, but its extremely filling!

DSCF7713Raw TLC burger

Because I was soo full, i only had space for one slice of cake. Took forever to make up mind which cake to order and finally decided on the raw blackforest cake…because its one of my favs! ( personal option is the best bfc is from Pine Garden’s)

Raw blackforest cake

Was trying to identify all the ingredients in the cake which each bite. Figured there was beetroot, medjool dates and dried cherries. Was chatting with one of the waitresses and she mentioned that the 2 special ingredients they use in their cakes are physllium husks and irish moss. The cake was very “fibre filled” but luckily the chocolate cream and icing gave it a nice balance.

Raw blackforest cake

After lunch, we took a walk around the cafe. They sell a range of products from health supplements to superfoods (like lucuma powder, cacao powder, bee pollen, irish mosh) to equipment like the Excalibur and Vitamix.

DSCF7723DSCF7724The Living Cafe

There’s also a second storey which sells raw food and health books, yoga mats, accessories, cleaning products, body products and supplements.


Am so glad the raw food movement is growing in Singapore. If you’re keen to taste some raw vegan good, I would highly recommend a trip down to The Living Cafe=))

I’ll be there soon too……so see you there!

The Living Cafe

Food: 4.5/5 , Ambience : 4.5/5 , Service : 5/5 , Cost : $$

779 Bukit Timah Rd Singapore 269758
+65 6468 4482



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