Raw foods – Day 2

Kiwi blueberry green smoothie

Today I had a cleanse, literally.

Was hit by a major bout of food poisoning from the New Year’s Eve trip I took to KuKup, a small fishing village east of Johor, Malaysia. Out of a group of 12 friends, around half of us went down šŸ˜¦

Was feeling okay in the morning and could still make myself a giant smoothie.

Breakfast : Giant green smoothie (2 kiwis + 2 oranges + 1 punnet of blueberries + bunch of spinach)

Lunch, Tea, Dinner : Small banana + 5 grapes + handful of nuts and seeds ( that was all i could consume without throwing up)

Anyway, wanted to share about the Green Smoothie challenge that Simple Green Smoothies has started.Ā  Its a 30 day detox challenge starting from 2 – 31 Jan that aims to help you get more greens back into your diet by replace one meal a day with a green smoothie.

Simple Green Smoothies

I simply LOVE green smoothies. Its the best way to hit your daily greens intake it a delicious way. I swear you won’t even taste the veggies! Its easy to make (all you need is a blender and a fridge) and you can get creative with all your favourite fruits (think peach, mangoes, strawberries etc).

Some benefits of drinking Green smoothies include

– Improved complexion

– Weight loss (you feel more satisfied with your meal and crave healthy food more)

– High energy level

– Easily digestable, improves intestinal health

– Strengtens immunity system

..and more! Just google it and you’ll see what I mean

Find out more about the 30 day challengeĀ here: www.simplegreensmoothies.com / http://www.facebook.com/simplegreensmoothies / or follow them on instagram @simplegreensmoothies

I’m such a sucker for challenges like this, but hey if you wanna try something different this year, why not do something for yourself and give this challenge a go.

Good luck!


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