Raw Food Detox 2013



Been feasting wayyy too much during the month of December (yes, even before the festive period) and my self control has flown out the window. Im feeling less energetic and less healthy..but more importantly, I’ve put on 2.5 KG! :((

So I’m going to get back on track with a 3 week raw food detox starting from 2 – 23 January.

I’ve tried going on a full raw detox a couple of times but have never completed it successfully. It always starts with a single slip – taking a bite of something cooked – that sends my body into a deprived state. I’ll think to myself, ‘ Since I’ve already taken a bite, i might as well finish the whole piece righttt?. A few bites later, I go ‘Gosh, I might as well finish the whole plate! I’ll get back on track for the next meal’. That next meal, well it never happens haha..

I’ve also realised that pre-planning your socia calender is CRUCIAL for a raw detox. There shouldn’t be any compulsory social events (like weddings, grandma’s 100th birthday) that you have to attend and let your meal be at the mercy of the host. Luckily, I won’t have such events during the next 3 weeks. For my normal social gatherings, I would just have to be more discerning about the places I go to and what I choose to order.

So I intend to take lessons learnt from my previous failed attempts to achieve my first successful raw food detox!

A typical day will be something like this:

Breakfast : Giant green smoothie
Morning break : Fruit / mixed seeds & nuts
Lunch : Packed salad
Tea break : Fruit / Raw dessert
Dinner : Raw dish

To make this detox work, I’m gonna be posting an entry every day about what I’ve been eating and any changes that have taken place  ..hopefully this will motivate me to stay on track!

Gonna start writing my shopping list and heading to the super market to stock up.

Here’s to a healthier 2013!!


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